Sunday, October 17

hello! i'm back!

hi everyone, if you are still there... i am back in town after another incredible late summer on the bay. it's always hard to step off the boat and dig back into the real world. everything moves so fast, is so loud and just plain old complicated.
it's so easy to slide into the life of the fishing lodge, i never take for granted the slower pace, the absence of all things technical (although i keep my ipod close at hand... josh groban really does make cleaning the smokehouse go so much faster.) the days are long, the work is hard, but the stresses are easier to handle...instead of having to be three places at once i only have to figure out how to make my last 4 eggs into a breakfast for 12 clients....piece of cake. there is no wondering which shoes to wear in the morning. most of the time it's the xtra-tuffs. easy-peasy. choosing evening entertainment? a cinch - by the time i'm done in the kitchen i'm pooped - a quick walk down the beach and it's time to hit the hay. 4:45 a.m. comes around really fast. i love everything about this simple time of my year.
i will admit to missing my youngest son, who has to head back to town for school several weeks before i'm done. but he and dad managed to get to the first day of school fine, made all the swim team practices without me reminding him, and kept the house reasonably clean. now i just have to remember i'm only cooking for three, not eight to ten...
i have lots of photos to post as soon as i get them downloaded. it was a beautiful sunny summer for the most part. a few good foggy rainy days which delays some client switch-outs, but it wasn't too bad. so now i look forward to catching up with the blog world...and my laundry...

Thursday, August 5

why i want to be an oyster catcher

oyster catchers are a striking seabird i just love watching. they are solid black, with a glorious lonnngg orange beak, and they play a great cat and mouse game to keep you away from their nests, which they tend to create right smack on the beach, just out of reach of the tide line.

so, how easy is housekeeping for an oyster catcher?? check it out - let's just scatter some broken shells and lay our eggs! jeekers! no twigs, no fluffy stuff. obviously there is no pampering for baby oyster catchers. looks like they have to break the shell and hit the beach running! i'm going to point this out to my children the next time they think they have life rough.

i found this nest a couple weeks ago when we took the skiff over to long island, just a quick 20 minute ride from town. it's taken us 8 years to talk my mom into going on the boat with us, but we finally did it:

she just turned 83. she had a blast on the ride, but made me promise not to post any of those photos because her hair was messy. it was a beautiful day, the kind that reminds you why you love living on an island in alaska.

my pal duffy loves to be the navigator. he frequently dives in and swims along. we let him go until we see the sea lions snort, then yard him back in.
we were babysitting duff's sister snickers for a week, she also loves a good boat ride. gotta love her coast guard approved life jacket!

see what i mean? the perfect place to live.

and every morning when i wake up i say a thank you prayer that i no longer have to stand on the back deck of a seiner, piling corks and getting slapped in the face with jellyfish. you should too. you should also be sure to find out if the salmon you are eating is wild alaskan salmon, because if it is farmed fish, it is taking away the livelihood of fishermen and their families like the folks in the picture above.
with that soap box moment, i will say my goodbyes, as i am leaving tomorrow for ugak bay. i can't wait to get back to the lodge, meet new folks, and cook! having all that fresh seafood to work with is incredible. i sure wish chef ramsey would drop in for a visit, so i could wow him with my fresh crab cakes - ha ha. if he ever did show up in my kitchen i would be cowering in the corner...

at any rate, there is no internet at the bay, so i'll be snapping photos like mad to share with you when i return in early october! all of you take good care! and if you are in one of those places that is sweltering in temperatures i can't even imagine...this photo is for you. it's my front yard at ugak bay. just visualize yourself there for a quick cool down.

Wednesday, August 4

my spankin' new remodeled workroom!

for the past, almost 2 months, i have been working on redoing my workspace. what a journey. what a bunch of stuff i have. i thought thea had a mess of stuff. i have a mess of mess. or had. i have been purge~ing, organizing, cleansing. i have scoured organizing magazines, blogs, and websites. i have thrown things away and then panicked and pulled them out of the dumpster. i wonder if there is a medication i could benefit from.

in the end, my inner feng shui master and i came to an agreement. i think it all worked out okay. i painted, changed my mind and repainted several times. i now rest easier knowing there isn't a single spider in my workroom. all the cracks & dings in the drywall have been patched. i have good lights. i've put all my awesome old wooden fish egg boxes to great use.

all my stuff is in its own special spot, and yes, the walls are the colour of pea soup, as my youngest son pointed out. i really like pea soup. i'm not a frilly person, but darn if i don't like my pink shelves. when i asked my husband if he could make me a simple workbench tall enough for me to work at without getting a neck ache, he made me the Ferrari of all workbenches, that 3 elephants could dance on. i won't be moving the workbench around anytime soon.

archie and edith, my super wonderful new washer & dryer, are thrilled to have a room befitting their status. i am thrilled to have 3 separate work areas dedicated to my different medias. my fabrics and sewing machines are housed in my son's old room for now...with the door closed so i don't start in on that room yet...

it's a great feeling to be finished. sadly, i won't be able to dig in and use it as it's time for me to head out to ugak bay for another season of cooking for the fishermen, but i will be smiling knowing my room, which has been taped off to keep they boys out while i'm gone, is waiting for me.

you may have noticed della up there in one of the photos. let me just share with you she wasn't a whole lot of help with this project. she got pretty testy when i mentioned she might put down the egg beaters and pick up a paint brush. but, i have to hand it to her, she does know when it's time for a nice glass of merlot.

Wednesday, June 30

okay here it is, the mom brags about college grad post. allow me the moment please.

we spent a great weekend at the coast with thea before coming home. spent a fabulous day doing nothing but flying kites on the beach. it was the best.

jeekers, isn't it something how easy it is to let things slide once they start the actual "sliding"? i never really meant to never come back to all started mid-may when he-who-never-takes-a-day-off-work-period and i left the island for the first time in, well a few years, to attend our daughter's college graduation.
i have to say, being off-island was, well a lot of different things. so many people! so many cars! man what a lot of cars, and roads. and it smells...funny in the states. everyone rushes everywhere. there isn't a lot of eye contact while walking around. we felt like goof balls after a while, smiling and saying hi to everyone we passed. i told gerry they all probably thought we were politicians.
we probably could have filmed an episode of the beverly hillbillies with us as guest stars. the first grocery store we went in was as good as disney land to me. so many choices of eveything!!! and all so cheap!!! i wanted to buy it all and bring it home and fill my pantry & fridge. gerry was in heaven - they sell beer in grocery stores down there! the rest of the trip he was happy to volunteer to run to the store for us... and what about those check yourselves out lanes??? how fun is that?? i've never seen that before. i scanned my gum over & over just to watch the picture pop up on the screen...until the lady in the little booth can over and asked if i really wanted to pay for it 7 times. she was very kind. when i told her what a fun great idea it was and how do you scan an onion? she gave me a little special smile and asked where i was from. i sortof wanted to tell her new jersey or something.
and there is great coffeee everywhere! sometimes right next door to each other. it was heavenly. i drank so much coffee.

my poor daughter, who has had 4 years to become acclimated to the real world away from our alaskan island home, was very patient, a true testament to her maturity.

here's another amazing thing - you don't have to pump your own gas in oregon! in fact, when gerry got out of the truck to do it, the man in the uniform apprehended him and asked him to please get back in his vehicle! we were shocked! why can't we have uniform gas station guys on kodiak, so i wouldn't have to get soaked pumping my own gas in the sideways rain???

i also don't think folks in that states know about xtra tuffs. i didn't see a single pair in salem. i did see a lot of well-dressed fellows who smelled, well, nice. as in not like boat bilge or fish sludge. another big treat. and riding in elevators - i love elevators! and escalators! it's a pity how in a hurry everyone always seemed to be - i just loved enjoying the ride up, but almost everyone else combined running with escalator riding...

and so many places to shop and eat! how does anyone down there ever decide on a restaurant - they are everywhere, all kinds, sometimes right next to each other - crazy. much easier here, there are about 8 choices. thea tells me it's all about word of mouth. i just know when i finally found the dunkin donuts i beat on gerry til he pulled in, and ate 6 sugary wonders in under 10 minutes, and, felt no guilt. it'd been a lonnnng time since i had a dunkin donut.

then there was the graduation event itself. it was a glorious sunny day, and we had not seen the actual orb of the sun for a couple of months or so...but we had to sit under a tent.

this tent was bigger than our local high school. it gave me a stomach ache thinking about how many people could, and did, fit under it. more than in our town i believe. and these folks were wonderful to behold, all dressed to the nines, i felt like i was at the grammy awards or something. then there gerry & i were, freshly scrubbed day-glo skin (a result of not seeing the sun for a very long time) in our flip-flops and aloha shirts, trying not to move so we wouldn't break a sweat - man it gets HOT down there. at any rate, we minded our manners and gerry stayed awake for the whole thing. i cried so much the nice fellow next to me gave me all his kleenex.

one of the things i remembered while all the important and really smart folks were speaking during the ceremony was an afternoon when thea was around one and a half. i had taken her to the beach for a picnic on a wonderful sunny day. we had a great time, she splashed, we made castles, she found a nice dead fish, put it in her mouth...but it was time to go home. thea didn't want to. she screamed, rolled on the ground, threw her toys, all the things a tired sun kissed toddler does. my arms were full of blankets, baskets of toys, stuff. i was just trying to guide her to the car. along the way through the woods we crossed paths with an elderly couple. i thought what a horrible impression we must be making. the lady stopped me and said "don't you ever wish these moments would hurry up and be over, because you know what? they will be, and you will be wishing them back."

- oh my gosh, she was so right. here i am thinking - when did this

turn into this?????????

or this (her little tights were so baggy we could pull them up over her head)

into this???

and how did she get so much stuff??? (what a good girl though, see her box of wild alaskan cod fillets!)

so, she is all graduated. she is the first one in our immediate family to do so (her mom still needs a math and oral communications credit. not going to happen at this point) and she managed to get not one but two degrees, in anthropology and english. she has a good job and a decent apartment. and a lot of stuff. we are really proud of her. and while i really really miss my snowboarding partner....

...since she isn't coming home looks like i'll get to drive her sweet ride! oh yeah!

so this is the end of my bragging post. for all of you young moms with little girls out there let me take on the role of the elderly lady (since i am). here's my two cents. pick your fights. ignore their stink eye looks (you will know what i mean when your girls reach the age of roughly, 14. never stop brushing their hair. never let them fall asleep with tears in their eyes, especially if they were put there by a boy. let them have a boyfriend - boyfriends are a mom's best teaching tool. remember they are never too old to bundle into the car in their pj's past bedtime to make a late night run to mcdonald's for ice cream. tell them they are beautiful every day. tell them you love them more than once every day. and when they are in college and they ask for your opinion, hedge, because they really don't want it, they want to be able to show you they have their own opinions now.

Wednesday, June 9

girl time with della

you all remember my friend della? we recently had a little girl time when she came to my hair appointment with me. my wonderful friend valene has been washing the grey right out of my hair for quite a while (so long now i can't really remember what color my hair actually was...). valene is a true artist, a dear friend, and has the kindest soul ever. our daughters are close in age and have been friends since grade school, they've grown up dancing together. so valene and i always have lots of fodder to chat about during my monthly visits to her happy chair.

a little over a year ago valene joined the local gym and decided to take part in their body transformation campaign. man oh man did she ever whip herself into shape. she not only won the campaign, or challenge, but she took it to the next level by competing in the alaska body building championships in anchorage this spring - and won her division!! then she went to the competition in boise idaho, and won there as well!

and do you know - they don't hand out trophies at these events....she got a tricked-out shining awesome sword!! really, a big ole "be nice or i will cleave you in half" type thing. she has it hanging over the mirror at her station. i told her i was pretty sure she would never get a complaint on a hair cut or color no matter what she did now.... (seriously, she never gets complaints, she is amazing)

i am so proud of her, and happy for her. she has weathered some rough times this past year, but never gave up. she is a strong, beautiful person, and my personal hero.

and since she found nothing at all she could do that would improve della's beautiful hair style, della likes her also. we shared our mad housewife wine and a t shirt with valene, because she deserves it!

yay valene & della!

Friday, June 4

i've been gone so long i don't know where to start...

yikes, i've been away from my blog since early may??? how can that be? and now how will i ever be able to catch up?? so much has happened, so much to tell and show...i'm overwhelmed. i've made stuff, went on a trip - off this island!!! - graduated a daughter from college, came back home, made more stuff, am tearing apart my work room, petting lots of new yarn at air force son became an F-15 crew chief... so much stuff... so let's just jump into the "really really big news" (do any of you remember the ed sullivan show?)
remember back in my last post (i know, dig deep the memory should be there somewhere..) i mentioned a super secret project i couldn't talk about yet? well, now i can, and here it is:
some of my sea glass necklaces are being featured in the gift bags being handed out to celebrities this weekend at the MTV Movie Awards!!!!! can you stand it? i can't, i am totally besides myself. just think, by this time monday maybe lady gaga will be admiring her new dye~ing to be yours sea glass necklace from kodiak in her boudoir mirror....or perhaps johnny depp will be hanging his from the rear view mirror of his newest BMW....or maybe the entire cast of glee will be wearing them in the next episode....
hey, a gal can dream right?here they are before i sent them off on their big journey. they were shaking in their wrappings they were so excited!
my second big news is that i have finally taken the giant step of opening an etsy shop. i've been lurking etsy forever. it's a frightening thing offering your work to the public. what if no one looks at it?? but i figure as soon as lady gaga steps out with her new deb-bling, her fans will track me down. (more dreaming)

so, go take a peek. i'm just posting a few new pieces here and there, no sense flooding the market...
and i will be back soon with more catching up stuff!

Friday, May 7

della gets some freah air...

i took advantage of a glorious sunny day to get della out of the house for a quick trip down to the boat harbor earlier this week. i can already tell this will be a fun journey for she & i.
check this gal out. fearless in the grips of a world famous kodiak brown bear. just goes to show you what a pair of egg beaters can do for a women's courage. well, that and a bottle of mad housewife merlot

i really loathe being photographed, but della wanted in on some "deadliest catch" limelight, and i didn't trust her at the edge with the breeze that was blowing (the poor thing is thin as a reed) mostly i was hoping the fellow making google eyes at her from the wheelhouse on the left would show up, but he hid too quick. trust me, it was comical. stay tuned for lots more from della soon!

i am excited about my new camera - a far cry from the super simple point & shoot kodak i've had for years, this is a brand spanking new scarey black canon powershot G11, with buzzers, buttons and twisty things. i've got a lot of reading to do. it took me a week to get photos downloaded from it...but look what popped up out of the dirt for me to take my first photo of! see, it is spring for us now too! and it hasn't snowed yet this week!

Sunday, May 2

taking a break from the tail...

oh my gosh the tail has taken over my life. i haven't cooked a meal in four days. seriously, there is dust on my stove top. the tail deadline is tuesday, and i take comfort in knowing i'm not the only one burning the midnight oil this weekend. it still isn't done, but she does have a name now, yesterday she became "moira." not sure why, that's the name that popped into my head.
at any rate, i am taking a break to post photos of the wonderful package i got from my swap partner marcia. we were partners in a swap for all seasons may day tussie mussie swap, and boy do i feel spoiled. the tussie mussie she made me fits my living room perfectly as you can see. take a peek at that little angel! what a great face! and look at all the wonderful treasures she filled my package with! a bag of ghiradelli coffee (i didn't know they made coffee! it's wonderful) beautiful ribbons, tags, and look what she did with the CD cases! filled them with all kinds of wonderful stuff (my fave - look at the one that has my name on the top of an old page from a book!) the beautiful green salt shaker is filled with sand from carmel, CA, and beach glass from FRANCE!!! (i took it out & touched it) but what knocked me over the edge is that vintage mermaid!!! holy fish tails batman! what a treasure! i love her! i love it all. go check out marcia's blog Vintage French Hen. she has a beautiful family & home, and is very talented. thank you thank you marcia!

okay, break's over. the next time you hear from me will be with photos (from my new and amazing camera if i can figure out how to download them....) of moira the halibut tail. oh, and of della meeting her first kodiak brown bear.

Thursday, April 22

feeling like the white rabbit...or maybe the march hair?

geez, april is almost over already. for local artists april and may are probably the busiest months of the year, with two major art shows: the Kodiak Whale Fest Art Show opens tomorrow evening at The Next Page bookstore and features ocean and whale-themed pieces from artists of all ages, and the Kodiak Crab Festival Art Show, held in may, which traditionally showcases work from local and village artists.
i encourage you to click on each link & visit the sites. the whale fest is held every year as a welcome home party for the migrating grey whales returning to kodiak waters, and the site includes a link showing the latest whale sightings & photos. can you tell we take our sea life serious here?

here are two of the pieces i've entered on the whale fest show:
the piece above is called "water wheel" it measures 10.5" square. i hand dyed and painted the top, machine quilted it and threw some beads in for sparkle. i ended up liking the "feel" of this, kind of calming. i'm considering a sister piece for it in the fall, during the spawn. it probably won't have the calm feel to it - the poor gals.

this piece is called "time and tide" two things that are a very big part of our life on the island. the base wood i found on our beach at ugak bay, it cleaned up just right for its day in the spotlight. i put down a piece of muslin i rusted by wrapping it over an old wrench i found on the beach & left outside for a few days - i love the way it turned out. i stitched a bit of embroidery to keep the mermaid happy. the paper layer is covered with old local navigation charts, pages from tide tables, some teabags, a mermaid and her fishy friend. this layer is held down with wonderful metal bits i found on the beach, all aged to beautiful patinas, and old brass screws. i added a piece of rusty screen which i sewed some pearls & crystals on (for the mermaid) and there it is.

between whale fest and crab fest is the opportunity for twelve artists to create halibut tails for the Kodiak Island Visitor and Convention Bureau's annual Chocolate Lovers' Fling and Halibut Tail Auction. (phew that was a mouthful) some of you may remember clarice, the halibut tail i created last year for this event. i am currently working on her sister tail now. the event was a huge success last year, and i'm tickled to be able to participate again. you can see photos of all the tails from last year on Kodiak Island's facebook page.

here's the beginnings of my halibut tail for this year. we all get a fiberglass taxidermy form of a halibut tail to build on - you can see it in it's naked glory on the back of the table. it's a pretty intimidating blank canvas, and i have been "dragging my tail" getting started...

on top of these events i'm working on a super secret project i can't wait to spill the beans about. but i have to.

i've recently had the great opportunity to take a class on PMC- precious metal clay, taught by martha biggar. we so rarely get teachers here to the island, so this was such a treat. i'd never worked with this medium before, and was a bit apprehensive of it being like polymer clay, but this was not the case. i still don't comprehend the whole alchemy thing of it, but here's what i got - you start out with a lump of clay (expensive clay) you make something out of it, it gets fired in a kiln, and when it comes out, it's .999 fine silver. amazing. mind-boggling. and super duper fun. i'm hooked. martha was a wonderful teacher, she's a certified PMC instructor, and was a lot of fun to get to know. she was generous in sharing her experiences with the processes, her tips & shortcuts. her jewelry is stunning, check out her website here!

above are some of the pieces i made after they came out of the kiln, before they were burnished. they come out of the kiln looking chalky. after burnishing they sparkle & shine like nobody's business. it's an amazing process.

here they are after burnishing. i haven't put any of the pieces together yet, i want to patina them first. i'll show you again once that's done.

i will leave you now with one last photo. this may be my last post for a bit as i finish up my top secret projects. i'd like to introduce you to my new friend, della. della arrived on my doorstep last week with quite a bit of baggage...from Mad Housewife Wine. three cases of wine!!! my prizes from the cork slogan contest i won! i have to say never pass up an opportunity to enter a mad housewife contest gals. they have showered me with gifts: t shirts to share with my pals, 100 corks with my slogan printed on them (go get yourself a bottle and see for yourself!) pretty pink spatulas, fun matches...etc. but i have to say, della tops it all. ever hear the story of flat stanley? he was a little boy who folded himself into an envelope and mailed himself all over the world. in grade school my kids used to make flat stanleys & send them to relatives or friends in the states, who would take stanley around & photo him , then send him back with the pictures. that's what della and i are going to do, around kodiak. i can't wait to introduce her to everyone!!

my pal duffy does not like della. at all. look at his face! he snarls every time he sees her. ha!

Sunday, April 11

thank you patty!!

never have i ever been so lucky as i have this winter. i have won a couple fun giveaways. at christmas my name was pulled for an incredible namaste knitting bag stuffed full of knitting wonders from our local fiber store, the rookery, and most recently, the Mad Housewife Wine cork slogan contest (more on that one in an upcoming post)...i am just one deliriously happy lucky duck.

one of my favorite blog spots to visit is magpie's nest. if you haven't found patty yet, please take a minute to go meet her. every day she posts the most wonderful photos, stories, and art pieces. her blog is almost serene, her artwork is detailed and beautiful and almost always makes me either gasp or sigh. she shares trips she takes to inspiring art exhibits, and even the local farmer's markets and parks. frequently she includes little quotes or bits of poems. she touches my heart. plus, she also has creepy doll heads. she used one as the angel on one of her christmas trees, it was awesome. i just love it.

for a person who doesn't travel much, she brings it all right to me. she even shares her tea! and at easter, she really shared, giving away precious little bird nests she made from wire & beads by having a drawing for followers/commenters. i am beyond thrilled to have had my name pulled from her big blue bowl, and just look at what came to my mailbox!

again i apologize for the poor photo, you really can't see the beautiful colouring, and i couldn't get a good close up of that precious nest, but to get this beautiful little work of art was just over the top. patty didn't stop with the nest ATC, she filled the envelope with all kinds of wonderful art papers, book pages and other usable goodies. i was touched by how kind a person i have never met could be. so, go visit, you will love her work and her beautiful photography. thank you, patty!!

while on the giveaway topic, i urge you all to click on my Mad Housewife link - they are having a mother's day poem contest right now, and let me tell you, they know how to treat a winner! i keep getting boxes of more goodies in the mail...too fun. i am waiting for the wine to get here and then will share photos, hopefully good ones, of everything.

Tuesday, April 6

life is good for duffy...

our easter snowfall arrived in the nick of time, and my pal duffy was just beside himself with spring snow joy. he and i spent a great afternoon sledding down our back hill together. it's sad when your kids grow up and go away and you only have a small dog, because then you are always stuck pulling the sled back up yourself. with the small dog on it. duff rules!!.

eastie egg hunting!

Tuesday, March 30

i think spring is a state of mind...

(i'm testing my computer. so far no blue screen of death. and i'm happy to report cullan now has the cleanest room in the house)
i've been seeing a lot of beautiful spring posts on blogs i visit lately. lots and lots of photos like this:
and this:
all i can think when i see these breathtaking photos is "wow." because i have a cherry tree in my yard also. it's a japanese cherry tree i planted as a twig 19 years ago and named bing. and here is what bing was doing this morning:
see him down there between the railings? i'm just not getting any "gosh i'm ready to bust out in blossoms" vibes from him today. in fact he's pretty chilly towards everyone.
my friend chuck the yard gnome is feeling pretty good about himself right now though, in spite of the fresh snow & bitter winds.

...because i finally finished his wishbone scarf. i'm not showing you a close up of it, because the majority of it was knit during the olympics, and the cables went kind of wanky during the half-pipe and snowboard X events.... i haven't yet reached the knitting stage where i can happily tear out row after row of my stitches. especially for chuck. i do need to tell you about this beautiful yarn though - it's another Noro yarn called Kochoran. it's 50% wool, 30% angora and 20% silk. so so soft! wonderful to knit with, and all my favorite colours in one ball!

you might be wondering if that's the eastie bunny back there behind chuck. nope. just another arctic hare.

enjoy your springtime, whatever the climate! and yay, i made it through this whole post without one cranky computer glitch.

Friday, March 26

i'm still here...

can you believe it, my under one year old computer crashed.

so for now, i am sitting in my youngest son's room using his computer. and let me tell you, it is not a pleasant place to be. how can one 15 year old boy be, smelly. dusty. have so many icky food containers laying around. i had to lysol my way to his desk.

how can this lair be home to my little boy who used to sort his legos as he put them away?? what the heck happened?

at any rate, instead of being able to show you my awesome cabled scarf i just finished (because my camera doesn't connect to this computer) i am going to put on rubber gloves and get a 40 gallon hefty bag in here, along with the rug shampooer.

so much for the creative buzz i woke up with...

Thursday, March 11

where's your inspiration?

linda from a swap for all seasons asked what colour combos inspire us. yikes - what doesn't?? maybe my art life would be easier if i really only cared for one or two it is, when i start on a project there are always myriads of colours running through my head. a very big part of the "beginning" of a project for me is the colour interviews and rejections.
it sometimes bogs me down, i need to get past that.

here's a classic example of me & colour~ i couldn't decide on just one fabric for my dresser i used all of them.
we are supposed to post a photo showing a grouping of colours that inspires us. i've spent all morning going from room to room in my house. those of you who have been in my house will can i settle on one small photo.

this is just one corner of my kitchen. the others are green, and orange, and yellow...
in an effort to get my husband and kids to embrace their inner artists, i have spent years surrounding them in every colour i could get from a paint can. our walls are covered with maps, mermaids, witty quotes, and stuff. nothing matches, nothing really "goes together"
and there you have it. that's how i find my inspiration.

phew, that really stressed me out...

Sunday, March 7

...and for a fleeting moment, the sun shone bright

sometimes, after endless weeks of relentless rain and wind, i think all of us on the island fall prey to the "Why, Why Do I Continue To Live Here" Imp. no matter how sweet a person's disposition, when mildew begins to form on one's limbs, your bright outlook on life in general dims. i finally snapped last week. lately there has been a good amount of wind, which has blown branches, moss and other stuff into our gutters, filling them up. so when the rain turned from a slight drizzle to full out downpour the other night, the water from the roof had no choice but to overflow the gutters & hit the deck. the noise actually woke the high king of snoring up. it sounded as if we were living behind niagra falls. incredible.
but then, when mother nature knows she has pushed us all to the end of the wet and slippery rope, this happens:
sun! clear blue sky! this was saturday, in all it's glory. all it takes is a single day like this, and we all know we could never live anywhere but here on this jewel.

kodiak on a cloudless day can take your breath away.
there's no place like home. even if we only get one sunny day per month. or two months...

and then, in the blink of an eye, the clouds slipped back in
an hour after i took these last two photos, we were blanketed in big fluffy snow flakes...
we'll just have to focus on the fact that we are gaining daylight every day, even if we can't see it.