Sunday, March 7

...and for a fleeting moment, the sun shone bright

sometimes, after endless weeks of relentless rain and wind, i think all of us on the island fall prey to the "Why, Why Do I Continue To Live Here" Imp. no matter how sweet a person's disposition, when mildew begins to form on one's limbs, your bright outlook on life in general dims. i finally snapped last week. lately there has been a good amount of wind, which has blown branches, moss and other stuff into our gutters, filling them up. so when the rain turned from a slight drizzle to full out downpour the other night, the water from the roof had no choice but to overflow the gutters & hit the deck. the noise actually woke the high king of snoring up. it sounded as if we were living behind niagra falls. incredible.
but then, when mother nature knows she has pushed us all to the end of the wet and slippery rope, this happens:
sun! clear blue sky! this was saturday, in all it's glory. all it takes is a single day like this, and we all know we could never live anywhere but here on this jewel.

kodiak on a cloudless day can take your breath away.
there's no place like home. even if we only get one sunny day per month. or two months...

and then, in the blink of an eye, the clouds slipped back in
an hour after i took these last two photos, we were blanketed in big fluffy snow flakes...
we'll just have to focus on the fact that we are gaining daylight every day, even if we can't see it.


  1. oh, the scenery!!! i can't wait until we come up!

    just checkin' in before i leave for the hospital. wanted to say hi and that i'll talk to you in a few days.

    love you, jan

  2. hey, the blogs listed in your left column - are those paid advertising? i'd love to be a part of it if it is something i qualify for:)

    okay, now off!!

  3. Bless your heart! I can imagine how isolated you must feel. I mean, it's gorgeous, but I can see how you could go a bit stir crazy at times.

    Beautiful images, though!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  4. Deb no matter what the weather is there are truely blessed! Most people look out there windows to see houses upon houses and cars and people and cement and very little green grass! You have beauty all around you!

    We are finally getting a taste of SPRING and I am jumping for joy! I have spring fever and need to feel the sunshine on my face again and walk barefoot in the lush green grass!

    Miss ya


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