Thursday, March 11

where's your inspiration?

linda from a swap for all seasons asked what colour combos inspire us. yikes - what doesn't?? maybe my art life would be easier if i really only cared for one or two it is, when i start on a project there are always myriads of colours running through my head. a very big part of the "beginning" of a project for me is the colour interviews and rejections.
it sometimes bogs me down, i need to get past that.

here's a classic example of me & colour~ i couldn't decide on just one fabric for my dresser i used all of them.
we are supposed to post a photo showing a grouping of colours that inspires us. i've spent all morning going from room to room in my house. those of you who have been in my house will can i settle on one small photo.

this is just one corner of my kitchen. the others are green, and orange, and yellow...
in an effort to get my husband and kids to embrace their inner artists, i have spent years surrounding them in every colour i could get from a paint can. our walls are covered with maps, mermaids, witty quotes, and stuff. nothing matches, nothing really "goes together"
and there you have it. that's how i find my inspiration.

phew, that really stressed me out...


  1. WOW what a delightful post full to the brim with color and eye candy!!! It's a rainy day here in Virginia, thank you for the wonderful color bath Deb! :)
    Happy Friday to you and yours!

  2. Funny how you get post from a lot of Debs.. hhahah
    so you covered your dresser with FABRIC .. thats cool. I would love to see a post on covering furniture with fabric.
    Your colors are fun,

  3. All that color makes me so happy! You should never limit yourself to just a couple of colors. Some of the rest of us (me) should embrace more colors :)
    much love,

  4. When you say you love color you mean it!!! I love the way your house looks, what a wonderful way for kids to grow up being surrounded by a rainbow with every color combination possible. You've given your children wings!!!
    Happy weekend,
    PS: What Font is on your banner title???Love it!!!!

  5. your dresser is beaUtiful!

  6. Oh, I just love how you combine colors...reminds me of Kaffe Fassett, and THAT is high praise indeed. I also love how you covered the drawer fronts with fabric. Excuse me while I go look around my house and see where I can try that...

  7. Holy moly! Is this really your place?! That is absolutely magickal!! I'd be in heaven in your home! That's just amazingly, awesomely, crazy good stuff!!!


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