Sunday, June 3

off balance~

i know how this guy is feeling.
i've hit a rut, i've lost my balance, i'm going down...

caring for my aging mom is probably the hardest job i have ever had. sometimes the things she says to me, this tiny little silver-haired gramma, have the same impact as clobbering me with a steel beam. a big one. and then the next minute she wants to get bananas to make banana bread.

i know there must be a way to balance caring for {a very cranky} mom with continuing on with my own "stuff," but i haven't found it yet...

...and that leaves me feeling like this guy...

we take things one moment at a time right now, the good ones with the bad.

and while i have no time for the art that's unfinished on my bench

i am so grateful for coffee

and quiet car rides

and my pal duffy who is never cranky with me~