Sunday, June 3

off balance~

i know how this guy is feeling.
i've hit a rut, i've lost my balance, i'm going down...

caring for my aging mom is probably the hardest job i have ever had. sometimes the things she says to me, this tiny little silver-haired gramma, have the same impact as clobbering me with a steel beam. a big one. and then the next minute she wants to get bananas to make banana bread.

i know there must be a way to balance caring for {a very cranky} mom with continuing on with my own "stuff," but i haven't found it yet...

...and that leaves me feeling like this guy...

we take things one moment at a time right now, the good ones with the bad.

and while i have no time for the art that's unfinished on my bench

i am so grateful for coffee

and quiet car rides

and my pal duffy who is never cranky with me~


  1. Deb, I understand your difficulties. Take nothing personally is what you have to remember! Get help if you can... Breaks are important for you or you will burn out and then who can do what you are willing to do.Rope in family, friends and community if you can. Do you have a place where your Mom could go for a few hours and be looked after... That is good stimulation for her too as well as giving you a much needed break. No one can do this entirely on their own! I wish you well with it.... Yelling in to a pillow is good too! Hugs,

  2. Feeling for you Deb, I know how hard it can be. I reminded myself that she was ill and, as Jenni suggests above, found somewhere that she could visit for a few hours each week so I had a break.

    Good to see you sense of humour is still present - great images in this post

  3. Dear Deb ~ you have been in my thoughts ...
    wish there was something I could say or do to help make this time easier for you.

    Balance is tricky in the best of times...

    Thank you for posting and letting us know where you are...I will continue to send good wishes and vibrations your way



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