Friday, August 7

off to the lodge...

our front yard
my son devon is impervious to the cold when it comes to fun
gill netting for reds (salmon)
it's time for us to be heading down to our other home, and my favorite, our lodge out at ugak bay. we leave on sunday (or tomorrow, whenever the captain says) and i will be gone until the beginning of october. we have no phone (the boys won't be able to text, i hope they can keep their thumb muscles in shape) or internet, so this will be my last post for a bit. we do have a generator, so this time i get to bring my awesome hello hitty janome with me & hopefully get some quilts whipped out.
the family vehicle
it's hard to explain how wonderful it is down there, like another planet. so peaceful and quiet, with just an occassional float plane flying by. time slows down, and at night there are so many stars - without electric lights it is amazing what you can see in the sky.
momma brown bear & fox family
we have game cams set out in a couple spots behind the cabin, and it will be fun to see what has been walking by. last year we got to watch the day by day travels of a momma deer & a momma brown bear before & after babies.
duffy loves a skiff ridethese are my seal friends who eat the urchins for me...

i look forward to catching up with everyone when i gat back. and boy am i glad i managed to get my spooky halloween tag swap tags done!!! phew!

Saturday, August 1

my small white dog

this is my pal duffy. he had a very busy day today. this morning before i woke up he slipped his invisible fence collar and had a lovely trek to the other side of the bay, where he found some nice, fresh bear poop to roll in. he came home & let me know the coffee was done by jumping in bed with me, sharing the bear poop with me & my sheets. there is probably nothing in the world that smells not nice like bear poop. i changed the sheets and gave duff a bath, went to get my coffee & knocked over a tote of supplies i had out for a project i'm working on...glitter went flying. i decided to have my coffee first. when i went to get the broom to take care of the glitter, i find duffy, in the above photo, sitting on cloud 9 with his toy squid, ready to play. his cloud 9 was a bag of stuffing for the previously mentioned project...i had set it out in the entry way (on the floor, my mistake) where i was going to do the filling later least duffy knows when he's pushed his last cute button with me, and apologizes...