Saturday, August 1

my small white dog

this is my pal duffy. he had a very busy day today. this morning before i woke up he slipped his invisible fence collar and had a lovely trek to the other side of the bay, where he found some nice, fresh bear poop to roll in. he came home & let me know the coffee was done by jumping in bed with me, sharing the bear poop with me & my sheets. there is probably nothing in the world that smells not nice like bear poop. i changed the sheets and gave duff a bath, went to get my coffee & knocked over a tote of supplies i had out for a project i'm working on...glitter went flying. i decided to have my coffee first. when i went to get the broom to take care of the glitter, i find duffy, in the above photo, sitting on cloud 9 with his toy squid, ready to play. his cloud 9 was a bag of stuffing for the previously mentioned project...i had set it out in the entry way (on the floor, my mistake) where i was going to do the filling later least duffy knows when he's pushed his last cute button with me, and apologizes...


  1. Ah yes, with dogs it''s a love hate relationship.
    Is that a tatoo?????

  2. Even when they're bad all day long you can't be mad at them. Cutie...

  3. Hi Deb, thanks for visiting at my blog! I saw that you joined as a follower so I wanted to stop by and see whos reading me! Love your blog, LOVE your art.. and your dog! got a big kick out of the "cloud" I have kittens that are into everything too!
    does your dog have a tatoo??
    I went back a few pages of your posts and I really love the piece you made with the sea urchim in the round box! soo pretty!!!
    be sure to stop by again !

  4. thanks for your comments! duffy gets a new "tattoo" every few months - it oddly corresponds with my date with the anti grey hair colour bottle....

  5. Duffy certainly is an adventurous pooch! Kept you on your toes today :)
    That IS a fun "tattoo"


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