Friday, August 7

off to the lodge...

our front yard
my son devon is impervious to the cold when it comes to fun
gill netting for reds (salmon)
it's time for us to be heading down to our other home, and my favorite, our lodge out at ugak bay. we leave on sunday (or tomorrow, whenever the captain says) and i will be gone until the beginning of october. we have no phone (the boys won't be able to text, i hope they can keep their thumb muscles in shape) or internet, so this will be my last post for a bit. we do have a generator, so this time i get to bring my awesome hello hitty janome with me & hopefully get some quilts whipped out.
the family vehicle
it's hard to explain how wonderful it is down there, like another planet. so peaceful and quiet, with just an occassional float plane flying by. time slows down, and at night there are so many stars - without electric lights it is amazing what you can see in the sky.
momma brown bear & fox family
we have game cams set out in a couple spots behind the cabin, and it will be fun to see what has been walking by. last year we got to watch the day by day travels of a momma deer & a momma brown bear before & after babies.
duffy loves a skiff ridethese are my seal friends who eat the urchins for me...

i look forward to catching up with everyone when i gat back. and boy am i glad i managed to get my spooky halloween tag swap tags done!!! phew!


  1. thank you for stopping by my blog. How wonderful this venue is that a girl from Kodiak can so easily converse with a girl from Lawrenceville. What a wonderful age we do live in. Your front yard is magnificent. Sweet Duffy is such a good dog and he looks very happy in your packing fleece. Actually, looking at the around Duffy, I wanted to hand paint it and then spin it into something warm. I adore natural dying technicques and especially painting fiber. Such fun and always a surprise with the outcome. Sea Witch

  2. You live in a Paradise!! Es muy bello ese sitio! (in spanish, my english is not well)Visiting your blog, I'm feel like traveling!! God Bless all of you, Hugs from Puerto Rico Island (My Pearl of Caribbean)

  3. What a front yard - WOW!!! Gorgeous, inspiring. And Ugak Bay sounds heavenly without phone or internet or any other interruptions!

  4. wow that sounds so relaxing and heavenly, i've been trying to get the hubby there for a while, it must be amazing! i'll have to show him this post and try to get him there!

    glad i found you're lovely blog!

    Le Vintage

  5. So beautiful, serene and wonderful. What a plac eyou live!

  6. i haven't told the Tank yet that i have a friend that lives in alaska because if i do, you're going to find me on the phone inviting ourselves for a visit! LOL
    we took an alaskan cruise and made several stops and totally fell in love with alaska - especially the Tank!
    after seeing what i consider paradise, i can understand why you live there. Well, except in the winter! LOL

    glad you're back in town and that i could make you laugh on my blog - you've been missed!!!!

    xoxo, jan 10/09


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