Friday, May 7

della gets some freah air...

i took advantage of a glorious sunny day to get della out of the house for a quick trip down to the boat harbor earlier this week. i can already tell this will be a fun journey for she & i.
check this gal out. fearless in the grips of a world famous kodiak brown bear. just goes to show you what a pair of egg beaters can do for a women's courage. well, that and a bottle of mad housewife merlot

i really loathe being photographed, but della wanted in on some "deadliest catch" limelight, and i didn't trust her at the edge with the breeze that was blowing (the poor thing is thin as a reed) mostly i was hoping the fellow making google eyes at her from the wheelhouse on the left would show up, but he hid too quick. trust me, it was comical. stay tuned for lots more from della soon!

i am excited about my new camera - a far cry from the super simple point & shoot kodak i've had for years, this is a brand spanking new scarey black canon powershot G11, with buzzers, buttons and twisty things. i've got a lot of reading to do. it took me a week to get photos downloaded from it...but look what popped up out of the dirt for me to take my first photo of! see, it is spring for us now too! and it hasn't snowed yet this week!


  1. Haha, I love your flat Stanley photos with Della, is she coming to Oregon for graduation? I love the one with the bear.

  2. OOH, Deb, You and Miss Della look simply FABulous posing together!!!! I'm just glad you didn't have an apron on with pointy shoes as well. I would be very worried.
    Man, when the weather is beautiful there, it sure is spectacular!!!

  3. Hi Deb,
    You and Della are quite the pair, too cute!

    And you got a new camera, too? How exciting!


  4. I wish I had a friend like Della. She looks like fun! Linda

  5. You and Della look fab and what glorious weather it looks like too!
    I shall return for the continuing adventures of Deb and Della ;)


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