Friday, June 4

i've been gone so long i don't know where to start...

yikes, i've been away from my blog since early may??? how can that be? and now how will i ever be able to catch up?? so much has happened, so much to tell and show...i'm overwhelmed. i've made stuff, went on a trip - off this island!!! - graduated a daughter from college, came back home, made more stuff, am tearing apart my work room, petting lots of new yarn at air force son became an F-15 crew chief... so much stuff... so let's just jump into the "really really big news" (do any of you remember the ed sullivan show?)
remember back in my last post (i know, dig deep the memory should be there somewhere..) i mentioned a super secret project i couldn't talk about yet? well, now i can, and here it is:
some of my sea glass necklaces are being featured in the gift bags being handed out to celebrities this weekend at the MTV Movie Awards!!!!! can you stand it? i can't, i am totally besides myself. just think, by this time monday maybe lady gaga will be admiring her new dye~ing to be yours sea glass necklace from kodiak in her boudoir mirror....or perhaps johnny depp will be hanging his from the rear view mirror of his newest BMW....or maybe the entire cast of glee will be wearing them in the next episode....
hey, a gal can dream right?here they are before i sent them off on their big journey. they were shaking in their wrappings they were so excited!
my second big news is that i have finally taken the giant step of opening an etsy shop. i've been lurking etsy forever. it's a frightening thing offering your work to the public. what if no one looks at it?? but i figure as soon as lady gaga steps out with her new deb-bling, her fans will track me down. (more dreaming)

so, go take a peek. i'm just posting a few new pieces here and there, no sense flooding the market...
and i will be back soon with more catching up stuff!


  1. Ok. That is the BIGGEST NEWS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! How did this come about???? I wish you the best success when these people open their goodies and see your beautiful, beautiful work. Wow. I kinda know someone famous. YOU!!!!
    Amazing. Yay for you!

  2. OMGOSH that is THE most amazing news ... you must have been bursting at the seams to share!!! Yay YOU Deb, oh my I know you are over the moon and back ... I am thrilled for you AND the lucky receivers of your gorgeous and special creations!
    Too Too KEWL!!!!
    Congrats on your Etsy shoppe too! I am still not there yet ... not sure what I'm waiting for, but you did address it nicely!
    All the best to you!
    Yippee Yay still doing the happy dance for your big claim to fame!!!
    p.s. I'm with Lynn ... knowing there must be a great story about how this came to be!

  3. Yay mom :) I just checked out your etsy shoppe, very cool. I showed everyone in the office and they're excited for you too. love you!


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