Wednesday, June 9

girl time with della

you all remember my friend della? we recently had a little girl time when she came to my hair appointment with me. my wonderful friend valene has been washing the grey right out of my hair for quite a while (so long now i can't really remember what color my hair actually was...). valene is a true artist, a dear friend, and has the kindest soul ever. our daughters are close in age and have been friends since grade school, they've grown up dancing together. so valene and i always have lots of fodder to chat about during my monthly visits to her happy chair.

a little over a year ago valene joined the local gym and decided to take part in their body transformation campaign. man oh man did she ever whip herself into shape. she not only won the campaign, or challenge, but she took it to the next level by competing in the alaska body building championships in anchorage this spring - and won her division!! then she went to the competition in boise idaho, and won there as well!

and do you know - they don't hand out trophies at these events....she got a tricked-out shining awesome sword!! really, a big ole "be nice or i will cleave you in half" type thing. she has it hanging over the mirror at her station. i told her i was pretty sure she would never get a complaint on a hair cut or color no matter what she did now.... (seriously, she never gets complaints, she is amazing)

i am so proud of her, and happy for her. she has weathered some rough times this past year, but never gave up. she is a strong, beautiful person, and my personal hero.

and since she found nothing at all she could do that would improve della's beautiful hair style, della likes her also. we shared our mad housewife wine and a t shirt with valene, because she deserves it!

yay valene & della!

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  1. Go Valene! That is amazing and inspiring!!! I'm sure she's familiar with one of my favorite magazine's Oxygen. She should send them pics. She looks fabulous, Marcia


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