Sunday, October 17

hello! i'm back!

hi everyone, if you are still there... i am back in town after another incredible late summer on the bay. it's always hard to step off the boat and dig back into the real world. everything moves so fast, is so loud and just plain old complicated.
it's so easy to slide into the life of the fishing lodge, i never take for granted the slower pace, the absence of all things technical (although i keep my ipod close at hand... josh groban really does make cleaning the smokehouse go so much faster.) the days are long, the work is hard, but the stresses are easier to handle...instead of having to be three places at once i only have to figure out how to make my last 4 eggs into a breakfast for 12 clients....piece of cake. there is no wondering which shoes to wear in the morning. most of the time it's the xtra-tuffs. easy-peasy. choosing evening entertainment? a cinch - by the time i'm done in the kitchen i'm pooped - a quick walk down the beach and it's time to hit the hay. 4:45 a.m. comes around really fast. i love everything about this simple time of my year.
i will admit to missing my youngest son, who has to head back to town for school several weeks before i'm done. but he and dad managed to get to the first day of school fine, made all the swim team practices without me reminding him, and kept the house reasonably clean. now i just have to remember i'm only cooking for three, not eight to ten...
i have lots of photos to post as soon as i get them downloaded. it was a beautiful sunny summer for the most part. a few good foggy rainy days which delays some client switch-outs, but it wasn't too bad. so now i look forward to catching up with the blog world...and my laundry...


  1. Hey welcome back Deb!
    That sounds like a wonderful life and I have to admit I envy you a bit having that experience! I can hardly wait to see the photos and hear all the fun stories. Hope you find time for some great art too!
    Missed your posts a lot....
    Tina xo

  2. REALLY lovely to have you back Deb ... I can tell a lot of you must still be back in the calm and change of pace you were enjoying. It's very cool that you get that experience ... some never will ... looking forward to pics and more of you!
    Welcome Back!

  3. YYAAAYYY! Welcome back, I've missed you!!!


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