Monday, June 6

texture tuesday~ words

i know, i skipped last week.
last week the theme was gardens, or gardening.
in my yard you don't garden so much as you battle with the environment.
it's wet. it's in perpetual shade. it's home to 87% of the earth's slug population.
i've given up the battle and embraced the moss.
so i skipped last week.
this week kim suggested we add words to any image we like.
that's more like it.
the image i chose is one of my favorites, of our home
and our neighbor's on ugak bay. i took it last fall as we were headed back to town.
the fog fell and completely shrouded us in.
i didn't want to come back to town. i love when it's like this outside.

i made some adjustments to the levels, hue/saturation and contrast. added a bit of gaussian blur. i used three different textures by kim: lifesgood on softlight blend at 44%, justcause on softlight at 69% and lightpaper on multiply at 66%.

i added one of my favorite quotes by proust.
i love this quote because, as a person who doesn't get to do a lot of traveling off-island,
i've learned to try to find new or different things in the surroundings i see every day.
it's not hard to do. what's hard is remembering to do it.
it's a bit easier to feel sorry for myself when it seems like
everyone in the universe except me is traveling to
cancun, or costa rica, or st. croix.
there are probably slugs in those places anyhow.
now, i invite you to travel over to kim klaussen's cafe and visit all the other incredible texture tuesday artists!


  1. Gorgeous! I love how brooding the texture makes it. And the words are perfect for working with textures.

    ps.: I love Proust, though his prose is thick to say the least. How long can a sentence get? I do still love him, very poetic.

  2. Love this, beautiful work. (seen in TT)

  3. Looks like you live in a gorgeous location! I love the fog and the water and texture and quote! Lovely!

  4. It sounds like you live in a wet and foggy place. Very photographic, though And I so love the quote.

  5. yes bonnie is right such a moody picture it makes me want to curl up in front of a log fire drinking mulled wine and eating chocolate. love the texturing and quote too

  6. very wise words dear Deb and I am always enchanted by fog...slugs not so much ;)...altho I did take a picture of a Swiss one hah

    whenever we do get to travel I always come home with new eyes for our own environment and think there is actually a lot to see here too...I think your moss sounds pretty exciting! I am a moss fancier amongst other things...

    oh and the finish or glow you've given your photo makes me think of the gorgeous patina some people are lucky enough to get on rusty treasure they find :)

  7. these true...
    "it's not hard to do. what's hard is remembering to do it."

    LOVE this image and verse...and ya know, some are living in Alaska and some of us wish that we called Alaska home... ;)

    remembering to do it...awesomeness!

  8. Oh my goodness, girl--you don't need to travel--to me you live in a paradise, slugs and all! Just beautiful--I love cool, foggy days--no wonder I love this place! Love your texture work also. Very nice.

  9. What a dreamy capture! Love your sense of humor...and I'm sure you're right about those exotic places having an even worse slug problem! ha! But mostly, your quote is so's all about being content and finding the blessings that exist right under our own noses! Great post!

  10. I can't imagine living in Kodiak....I complain when summer doesn't arrive in NE Oregon on time! ;-) Love your foggy image with the most-appropriate quotation.

  11. beautiful - and thanks for the reminder with your wonderful quote!

  12. Beautifully done Deb. Fog always adds an interesting touch to a scene.

  13. Such a lovely presentation...I love the text. It says so much. The green is so subtle and pretty. Wonderful shot.

  14. Fog is a little spooky to me--I guess I don't see it often enough...this image is so the words and texture work too. Beautiful.

  15. Oh boy, I just wrote a whole, long comment and it looks like it's disappeared. Sheesh. If it should show up twice now, please feel free to delete one.

    As I was sayin'.... It is NOT just you, girlfriend. I was just feeling quite sorry for myself at work today when the girls were discussing what Islands they'd been to and I had nothing to add. I adore your photo! It looks like an old film still. And the Proust quote suits it perfectly. And also, fog and moss happen to be 2 of my very favorite things.

    It's so nice to have you drop by my blog! I miss visiting with you in blogland!

  16. Great foto, wonderful texture, amazing words. Thank you for your comment on my blog !

  17. It's beautiful. You truly captured the mood in this photo and changed the mood with your editing and textures. Thanks for sharing. Just beautiful.

  18. Really love the photo and the quote is perfect.Love the misty quality!

  19. Just found your blog via Papaya! and I love, love, love it!

    Now to go back and peruse some more of the past. :)

  20. I love this photo even though I'm a sunshine girl myself. It looks as if it has been crumpled up and straightened out. Nice.

  21. Adding the texture makes the photo more mysterious.. love it!


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