Sunday, June 12

every day's a good day on the bay

that's what our dear friend and ugak bay neighbor erling kwaznikof would tell us all every morning. rain or shine or snow or ice, out of fuel or wood for the stove or milk for his coffee - nothing could ruin that man's day. he was an old time alaskan, and had stories that could fill a hundred books or more. he was steadfast, loyal, and happy as a clam all the time. he was like all of our favorite uncles rolled in one, and was happy to be an adopted grandad to all of our kids. our kids grew up spending summers on the porch of erling's cabin with him, singing made up songs as he played his guitar. and learning how to salt fish and crack crab. erling passed away last year. it was hard to remember not to run over with a plate of warm bread in the morning for him last summer. his passing left us all with an empty spot, but he is remembered everyday, because one of us always finds a reason to remind us all that every day is a good day on the bay.
we made a quick run down this weekend to open up our cabin and see what the winter did. and de-spider. it was foggy and rainy the whole time, but it didn't bother duffy (still living in shame and i will get to that story next week) who dearly loves the cabin. and swimming:

i wasn't kidding about the fog!

the spider population has now decreased by about 762....the cabin is aired out and ready for another great summer. i'm happy to report my beloved dock has survived yet another winter and my husband's threats to burn it. i took photos but am saving them for texture tuesday.... we will be heading back down on tuesday for a week with visiting friends. hopefully the weather will give us a break. if not, we know what erling would say~
the ride home got pretty rough, which was a pity as we had a whale following along, spouting away. i tried my best to get some photos, but sadly, this is what i have to offer for being brave enough to let go of the railing to snap them:

no whale here...



but it was a good day anyhow.


  1. What a great day you had even with the rain and fog! You are so luck to be able to enjoy such a pristine view each day!
    I can hardly wait to hear all about the Duffy saga. I have a very soft spot for dogs..well for just about anything not human, but dogs hold a special place in my heart.
    Your friend and neighbor sounds like he was a wonderful person and I know it must have left a huge space when he passed away. What a gift it was to have him as a neighbor!
    Looking forward to your next post..
    Tina xo

  2. I can't wait to see photos of your dock! And how amazing it must be to be going home alongside whales.

    Your friend left a little piece of him with al of you in the form of memories and his view on life. In that way, his spirit is still alive.

  3. This post is so touching and full of wisdom and heart...I read it aloud to Mr Magpie...we enjoyed it so very much dear Deb!
    Happy Weekend to you and yours!

  4. oh and I admire you sea legs VERY much...I would be green around the gills for certain!

    still imagining your whale spouting away!


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