Wednesday, June 29

liberate your art~ and a tiny giveaway

i'm participating in kat sloma's "liberate your art" postcard swap next month, along with 254 other artists from all over the globe! click the link to read all about it and see a list of all the participants. i'm really excited at the idea of all those little bits of art getting mailed all over the world. i can't wait to see what comes to me. i can't wait to see where my cards end up going!
i love creating small. i had things spread out all over my workroom for days, and finally narrowed it down to this one:

we couldn't send the original artwork, it needed to be in actual postcard form, so i sent my image off to the amazing folks at MOO to be printed. wow. i just got them back. how fun to open a package and see your artwork as a postcard. so sleek, so sophisticated. i'm feeling mighty...printed on glossy card stock right now. like i want to sit at the bottom of my driveway and sell them for a penny.
my son is so impressed. i think he thinks someone in new york city called me wanting to turn my art into a postcard. i'm gonna let him think that for a little while.
at any rate they are on their way to kat. can you imagine the fun she will be having. we are each (254 of us) sending her 5 postcards, which she will have to sort and mail out. what a grand undertaking. wish i could go help, just to be able to see it all.
i realized that i had reached my 100th post when i told you the tale of duffy & my shine bag. i also note in blogland that folks often love to celebrate these milestones with a gifty giveaway. i love to win things, but actually doing a giveaway is a little scary to me. what do i give? what if no one wants it? a couple weeks ago i would have gladly given duffy...but he has redeemed himself for now.
so how about this~ leave a comment on this post. on july 4th i'll put everyone in a hat and let duff pick 3 names. each winner will get one of my ultra-sophisticated postcards, signed by duffy.
happy 4th of july!!


  1. Love the postcard. Here's hoping I'm a lucky winner.

  2. Oh Deb, I had wanted to participate in that swap, but I thought I saw that it had closed already! Is it still possible to participate? Your postcard is LUSCIOUS!! So detailed! And you know I'm a big fan of the mermaid and fishy. Yay, I get to be in your giveway! I have no doubt that I would absolutely love anything made by you. xo

  3. love all the detail in your postcard - would love to receive one

  4. I would LOVE to win your postcard! As daughter of a mermaid (long story...) I can't help but drool seeing it! Aaahhhh.. I'm not much of a dog-person but maybe Duffy will make an exeption and pick me? After all, he's a bit 'strange' too... weird souls recognize each other, isn't it? I send you a big hug, it travels on a wave all the way to you! Have a nice day Deb (and Duff... eeck, getting slimy here?!)

  5. P.S. I told that 'long story' on my blog today, your mermaid 'triggered' me to do so. Thanks for the inspiration dear one!

  6. oh my not to appear greedy since I have just received some precious goodies from you...but I would Love to be in the running for your special giveaway dear Deb...your card is splendid!

    what a grand swap that is..I cannot quite imagine the work the host will be going through to get those all mailed will be fun to see what arrives in your mailbox!

    I have tried Zazzle for printing some I am thinking I ought to check out MOO

    Happy Weekend to you dear one!

  7. What a lovely giveaway! I'd love to be counted in - thank you!

  8. Your postcard is amazing! Love the wonderful images you used and details. Thanks for the link to MOO also. It is dreadful hot/humid here - hope you have a Happy July 4th!

  9. I'm doing the swap as well, but I'm for sure going to put my name in the hat to receive one of your GORGEOUS post cards!!!!!!!!!! Love, love, love them.
    Can't wait to send mine off. I had all my mail held until we came home, so I should get the postcards I had made up on tuesday.
    Congratulations on your 100th post!!!!! Yippeeee!!

  10. oh I just received one of your beautiful postcards in my mailbox today! :) Thank you so much! Can't wait to check out more of your blog... :) Kate from Calgary, Canada


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