Wednesday, June 8


finally, i got to watch gnomeo & juliet. one of the problems with losing one's only daughter to college, and then life, is one is left home alone with a husband and 16-year-old son. and a movie venue of titles like "transformers 27" or "too fast for brains."
normally i don't care, i go into my studio & plug in my ipod to drown out the squealing tires and the "yo, man, whasssup's?" and i get a lot done.
but i really wanted to see this movie. come on, yard gnomes AND elton john??? it's already won all my awards. so i snuck. i figured out how to turn on the son's playstation, navigated my way to the netflix thing, and requested gnomeo. when it got here, i snuck it into the dvd player before the boys got home from work. they never saw it coming.
best of all, when they realized what was coming, gerry fell asleep and cullan went to shoot zombies, so i got the comfy recliner chair all to myself. oh yeah.
if you've seen the movie you know about the toilet planter with the wisteria bush. i was enthralled because i have this:

i know, it isn't wisteria, but we've already talked about my gardening skills. at one point it was full of johnny jump-ups (i loved the pun) but the slugs won that battle as well.
so i loved the movie. had a wonderful evening watching it. when it was over i was consumed with guilt at having separated my two pink plastic flamingos a couple years ago. i trudged outside in the rain in my jammies and gerry's work boots, retrieved them both and reunited them in a romantic little hideaway.


  1. Now you have me curious and I will have to rent the movie!!

  2. I love your toilet planter!!! And the flamingos are my absoluste FAVE! They definitely need to be together.
    I will have to rent the movie as I have not seen it yet.

  3. found you while wandering the world this morning and was stopped dead in my tracks. I have the same gnome and the flamingos too, though my gnome's "pad"is not nearly so groovy.
    we have lots in common.

  4. looks like a gathering of Magpie's ;)
    Your post is too much fun Deb...I cannot get the line about "//!?@?@ coconuts" out of my head from the TV trailer of the movie (I can hum most of it LOL) as a gnome goes skipping off...well now I MUST see the movie!
    Your toidy gnome is too much fun and those kanoodling you DO have some gorgeous moss!

    thanks for putting a BIG smile on my face...if only I could figure out how to do the Netflix thingy...we have it :)
    Happy Friday dear one!

  5. What a great post! I really enjoyed reading this. Love the toilet gnome, and the fact that you brought the flamingos back together! xo


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