Monday, June 27

texture tuesday~ old faithful

this week our texture tuesday challenge from kim was to use her beautiful texture "golden" on any image we wanted. golden is one of my fave textures she has shared with us, soft and mottled.
i thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you all to my favorite thing at our cabin ~ joe woodstove. the propane fridge is great, running water is awesome, hot running water, well that just goes without saying. but none of them would mean a thing without old joe warming up the place. he does a fine job of chasing off the damp and cold. just walking in and seeing him sitting there waiting for us in the spring makes my heart swell. (i'm old, it doesn't take much these days)
so here's joe in all his glory, with some lovely golden layers on top:

i took the photo on black & white setting on my camera. i set it on overlay blend at 32%, then used a gradient map levels adjustment on solid with the smoothness set at 73%. then i added a bit of dust and scratches from the "noise" filter menu. on top of that one layer of golden at 24% multiply and one layer of golden at 35% pinlight.

it's not the greatest photo ever, but i like that it ended up looking like an old water stained photo that's been laying under the woodbox in a corner for a few years. if you want to see some real inspiring, top notch beautiful photography, go see all the other texture tuesday participants here!


  1. Nice photo for this texture. Looks great. Thanks for your comment on my Texture Tuesday offering.

  2. really a photo that tells a story - with the gloves haning behind and the big kettle on top

  3. Love your old stove and the way you've used Kim's "golden" texture! Sounds like your life has been truly blessed!

    You can see mine at:


  4. Lovely, lovely photo!!! It brings back a lot of memories (hey, I'm 'old' too!) I think one of his relatives lived in a house I spend a lot of my childhood... Say HI to old Joe from me!

  5. Great picture Lovely place to sit on a cold winters evening!


  6. i love how your photo looks worn out, great job on the processing. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  7. I love this shot -- there is nothing like the heat from a wood burning stove. The tea kettle is the perfect touch!


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