Sunday, May 15

welcome to the house of arachnids...........

i have a very deep dislike for spiders. not a lot makes me scream like a girl (other than teenaged sons not taking off their muddy shoes in the house), but a spider, any spider regardless of size, brings embarrassing shrieks from me every time.
at our cabin i expect spiders and have fashioned a routine to deal with them. my husband goes down first, bombs the cabin, and a few days later i go down and sweep up the remains. a dead spider i can handle.
our home in town i expect to be spider free. during an average year we will have the occasional spider visits, which i have learned to live with. i would scream, and devon, my spider killer, would come running and make it go away. it worked well while devon was home. i hope the air force appreciates the sacrifice i am making for my country. because lately, my house is full of these:

i was very brave to take these photos, i think. even now i have goose bumps. this was not just an average "oh ick, a spider" spider, this was colossal. the size of a fifty cent piece. not kidding. no need for photoshop texture here - look at the hair on the back of this thing!!!!

this was just one from yesterday. before him i had one come out of the kitchen sink drain when i was washing my (now broken) coffee cup. how the heck do they get in our plumbing???? there were two more in the kitchen cabinets, one in the shower (sponge bath for me tonight...) and my personal favorite of today, one in the hood of my sweatshirt - that i didn't find until it crawled up my neck....ewwwwwwwww. last night cullan had one in his bed, so i took a good 20 minutes to shake out my blankets & pillows before i climbed in my bed.
why are they so profuse, and so stinkin' big??? was it the week of beautiful sunshine and warmth we just had? if so, give me back the snow and ice. perhaps there's been a bit of unreported chemical leaks, or nuclear stuff floating around???  these guys are so big even my pal duffy won't go near them. i'm pretty sure they could carry him off. i'm serious.
tonight when i go to bed there will be a thorough shaking of the sheets, i am wearing socks, and there will be a flashlight and a can of bear spray on my night stand. if it can stop a brown bear, i'm hoping it can stop these nasty creatures. gerry better hope he doesn't bump into me tonight...he'll get clobbered, sprayed and shaken out.


  1. Even though I cannot see the photos for some reason I can understand your fear of spiders, I too am not all that fond of them. I got over some of my fear when my son was small as he was always bringing something ucky home and I didn't want to pass on any unreasonable fears so I would tough it out and keep smiling!
    I do remember while living in Texas how terrified I was of some of the HUGE things they have crawling around their homes....HOLY CRAP! Thank goodness here in upstate New York we have spiders but certainly none as large as the palm of my hand.
    Be brave and scream for hubby to remove the culprit!
    Tina xo

  2. Holy moly, Deb!!!!! These are HORRIFIC!!!! And in your bed? Uh-uh. No way would I get back in. I would spray bear spray first.
    Good luck!


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