Tuesday, May 3

texture tuesday~ a cuppa joe

this week's challenge from kim was to use a photo of a coffee or tea cup, and her sweet texture "luminous." this is probably my favorite texture so far, i love what it did to this photo...like looking through an old screen door.

i used two layers of luminous on this, one on soft light mode and one on multiply.
this time i left them both at 100% as i really liked the aged look it gave the image.

my dad and i found this old rusty cup years ago while walking behind our old house back east. we used to hike on an old stage coach road that ran along our property, and we found all kinds of great treasures~ old bottles, china doll parts, tools. he loved it, and so did i. maybe that's where my obsession with rust came from...and pack-ratting...this cup has moved everywhere with me, been to college, art school, for some reason it even came to work with me in bristol bay...i'm just glad i've hung on to it all this time.
here's the before:

isn't photoshop something? and, just for fun:

this is using luminous once on hard light blend at 58% and once on multipy blend at 74%.

the modern quintessential coffee cup... now, go check out everyone else's photography here!


  1. Wonderful image - I love the cup and your textures create that added atmosphere

  2. Gorgeous! I love the cup you chose to photograph, it has so much personality. Glad you kept it all these years.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment. Xoxo

  3. Love how you've shown the old and the new, great use of textures.

  4. I LOVE your cup. I, too have an obsession with rust and old little found rusty things...and I think it came from my Dad too. You would not believe his old shop that is caving in. Rust HEAVEN for me! He passed away in 1997 and my Mom still lives there. I bring back little pieces here and there.

  5. I love the rusty tea cup, such a great find no wonder you hung onto it. I like the way you set the photo up using the wooden table as well. Very nice.

  6. Lovely photo here!! Terrific texture work!

  7. I was about to say how much I like the after shot with the texture on it....until you surprised me with the starbucks cup......now I don't know which one i like more!!!!

  8. what an amazing rusty cup! your photos and textures are gorgeous! I think this has been one of the longest *waiting for spring* seasons I can remember. Hope that the snow is long gone on your end. We will probably jump right into hot temps here (which I hate)! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. LOVE your cup! and the texture is pure magic!

  10. Your rusty teacup is an absolute treasure in so many ways dear Deb! so very sweet to imagine you and your father on those special walks.
    I adore it with and without your PS textures!

    Your welcome home chocolate comment was so cute on my blog...you are right on the pulse little lady ;) part of us is still in Switzerland...such a cool place and getaway!

    Brightest of Blessings to you and yours and Happy May Dear One!


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