Tuesday, May 17

texture tuesday~ vintage

this week's texture tuesday challenge from dear kim klassen was to use something vintage as our subject. she provided us with a fabulous new texture "pourvous."
i could have pulled out any number of old things i suppose, but what came to mind right away was a treasured photo i have of my grandma arel, my memere. and no, i am not calling memere vintage.

i made some adjustments in levels, hue/saturation, & contrast, then added a sepia photofilter @66%.
i added a layer of kim's "trust" texture on soft light blend at 100%, then her new "pourvous" texture
on hard light blend at 69%. i erased a bit of the texture from memere.

my mom remembers this was one of the first photos she took with her new "Brownie" camera. i decided to leave the torn bits and worn edges alone, not edit them out. that's me memere is holding - thus the vintage label. as i approach the half century mark in a couple months, i feel i am certifiably vintage.
there are many things i love about this photo, first, that i even have it. there aren't many photos of the two of us. second - i love how skinny my legs are. they didn't stay that way. i love my saggy diaper and memere's saggy stockings. and her slippers, and her fancy watch. we used to beg to wear her fancy watch.
memere was french, born in quebec. she was the most amazing lace maker, and why oh why didn't i watch her closer. i have the sample book she and her sisters put together, another treasure. she spoke in a mixture of french and english, unless she was mad, and then the french flew. it wasn't very helpful french to learn i later found out in 6th grade french class.
at any rate, go check out all the other textured vintage lovlies now here!


  1. Gorgeous vintage feeling.... beautiful texture!

    My Texture Tuesdays submission...

    Happy to be following you now!

  2. wow image, wow story, wow memories

  3. When I first saw this, it reminded me of my paternal grandmother. Great image...great textures.

  4. Deb,
    You sure have nice fond memories of Memere. What a happy photo! And Happy Birthday (soon?)!

  5. this is such a sweet photo. Love the processing.
    thanks for visiting my TT-post and your kind comment at it :)

  6. Love the story you tell here! Your texture work is wonderful!

  7. How wonderful that you have this old photo. Nice processing.

  8. How great you have this very treasured photo.I really like the sepia look in combination with a texture.


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