Tuesday, May 10

texture tuesday~ rerun

i know i've recently posted this photo of my pal duffy, but i didn't have time this week to get out and take pictures...an anyhow, doesn't he look like he's just waiting to be a part of texture tuesday?

i set the background on soft light blend, then used a gaussian blur. i placed a layer of kim's golden texture at 54% soft blend, then a layer of kim's mad love texture at 61%  multiply.

Disclaimer: no squirrels were harmed while taking this photo.

don't forget to go check out all the other awesome photography at kim's texture tuesday link-up here!


  1. Duffy is gorgeous!!
    Love the "disclaimer" :-)

  2. Great shot! Duffy appears to be the perfect model. Also love the disclaimer ;0)

  3. You're so right, our images do go perfectly together, love it.

  4. Love it! What a handsome guy - and the "squirrel" add on cracks me up. :)


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