Wednesday, October 28

words of wisdom...

i've been working the last couple of sunny but freezing (i mean it~ice on the lakes, cold air coming in all the cracks kind of cold) days on some ATC's for a show my friend liz is hosting at her gallery. it's entitled "words of wisdom." when she put out the call we all went and picked up a sheet with a vintage vocabulary flash card attached to it. my word was facetious. i was thrilled. i have no problem being "facetious." the problem came with trying to visualize the word on a 2.5 x 3.5" card. i've spent days pondering ideas, and finally settled on these two. all of us participants have been saying the same things to each other ..."oh man, i wish i had your word..." i can't wait to see what everyone else has done. wouldn't this be a great art/english project for a teacher to do in class?
i'd like to give credit to debrina of land of enchantment for the marie image and karen the graphics fairy for the pierrot photo and sheet music image (what a title for a song, huh? cracked me up)
i've also made several more necklaces, have started on some sea glass charm bracelets, and am gearing up to head back to mermaid shadow box land for the holidays. and i have a group of silk velvet scarves to get in the dye baths. sure wish the two remaining members of my family didn't expect dinner every night...


  1. Hello Deb,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. . Our roof art.. Great way of describing that.. but your air is beautiful..
    The sea glass is so pretty.. I bet the beaches glisten with that in the sun.. Is that from actual glass or does nature make it?

  2. woops... air.. I mean art.. but your air is very beautiful too... hehehe
    Deb (again)

  3. Very cool! I like your handling of the word "facetious." I really like the Marie Antoinette card. Those necklaces are lovely. I love sea glass. And I adore anything to do with mermaids - can't wait to see your shadow boxes!


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