Monday, October 5

is there anything more wonderful than a package in the mail?

i've spent all morning with my pile of mail. i'm probably the only person ever who even loves her junk mail. i read it all. but i always save the best for last, and boy howdy, did i get some great stuff. earlier this summer i joined the Good Ol' Summertime Mini Quilt Swap. i finished mine up and sent it off before i left in august. how fun to get home and open up this....

what an awesome piece! i am so lucky to have been the talented doris' swap partner! my quilt was made by doris from threads of conversation and i love it. she does beautiful work, the colours and curved piecing are fabulous. thanks so much doris!

i saved my last package for last because i knew what would be in it, and i love prolonging the excitement. halloween is my very favorite holiday, so when sarah (gypsy mermaid) announced a vintage halloween tag swap i didn't think twice. she is a great swap coordinator, and did something really fun with this one - each of us made 13 tags and mailed them to her, then she collected them all, and assembled them into books for each of us. after opening up my box and looking at each incredible tag, i am so amazed at how much art can be fit on such a small surface. each tag was so different, and so wonderful. my photo doesn't do justice to them at all, and i can't wait to visit everyone's blogs to see more of their work. look at these great treasures!!

i love them all. i can't wait to haul out all my halloween stuff now. thanks sarah, for putting these together for us!


  1. Hello Deb! Long time no talk! I'm sorry I haven't been around much - but I don't even know who I am anymore! Ha. You were very sweet with what you said - thanks for cheering me up!
    I feel awful that we haven't swapped yet. If you let me pick one of your things, you should go to my shop and pick something you like! Okay? I am off to read your other posts! :)

  2. Hi..Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the beautiful tag you created for Sarah's Vintage Halloween Tag Swap. I love the stitching that you added to the image. Just amazing! I keep going back each day and looking at all the tags in the book and noticing new details on each one...Thanks again!


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