Tuesday, October 20

beach jewels...

there isn't a windowsill or flat surface in my house that hasn't collected a few pieces of sea glass. who can walk on the beach and not pick these beauties up? not me. if our house falls off its' foundation, i know it will be from the tons of jewels i have been collecting. i finally decided it was time to share them, and am working on perfecting my drilling and wirework. i do love the feel of my dremel tool in my hand. we'll see where this takes me...


  1. ooo sea glass always speaks to me ... wish I had more occasions to be around it! These pieces are so lovely Deb!
    Love your blog header too btw!
    oxo ~*~ Patty

  2. MOM. I love these. i wear mine every day. I was thinking they would be good graduation presents for my pledge class, if i gave you chains would you make them? There are 18 of us... don't hate me.


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