Tuesday, October 20

oh this is so sad

saturday night was the last dinner my son devon will have with us for some time, as he left for Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio Texas sunday morning. he wanted kraft macaroni & cheese and hot dogs. it was tough, but i pulled it off. we did a lot of remembering over that dinner. like how he used to always choke on his hot dogs. set fire to things inside the house. tinkle in his sisters' dollhouse in the night. the next morning we brought him to the airport and had to say goodbye, without knowing exactly when we would see or hear from him again... he was allowed to take only a backpack. and gosh he looked just like he did on his first day of kindergarten. now there's only 3 plates on the dinner table.

on the bright side, it only took his younger brother cullan 25 minutes to complete the move from his old room into devon's...

if any of you out there are in texas, maybe you could keep your eye out for devon. sure hope the heat doesn't evaporate the poor alaskan boy.


  1. Here's to you having your son back home before too long at all. I'm sure he's making you proud! Hopefully he won't mind your having told us all about that "tinkling in his sister's dollhouse" business (smirking). Best wishes and blessings to you all!

  2. Hi Deb, I remember reading your blog post about your son going to Texas and in light of the news that is coming out of Texas today, I just had to come back to your blog and check on his location! I'm happy to see that he is not on the base in question. However my heart still goes out to you and all military moms everywhere!


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