Monday, April 11

time flies...texture tuesday already~

this week kim shared a beautiful texture she named "silence."
(i love silence, pure calm quiet. i have enough rattling around in my head all the time without adding extra sounds to it. lately my pet noise dislike is the rapid-fire tic-tic-ticking of my youngest son's texting. might as well be fingernails on a chalkboard....)
the day i took this photo was a wonderful calm day, no breeze, not even a seagull cry.
just a bit of splash as the slack tide slapped on the rocks.
the next day it was blowing 50 and pelting snow...
we live on a wondrous island.
i used two layers of silence, 100% soft light & 42% multiply.
 i also blurred the whole image with a gaussian blur at 27%.
visit all the other texture tuesday participants here. you will be amazed...


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment it made my afternoon!

    I agree silence truly is golden. I too have way to much rattling around in my head most days:)

  2. love the moodiness of the image, I can smell the sea

  3. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. It planted a smile on my face.

    I welcome silence here lately.
    Beautiful photo... it was one of the first I clicked on, and then followed you back here with your comment you left me. Hmmm...

  4. This photo really draws me in! Lovely!

  5. Love dock and water shot...your processing with “silence” worked beautifully. Beautiful and serene photograph.

  6. This is such a nice shot. Great work.

  7. wow.. I love this.. wonderful feel and mood... perfect!!

    have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

  8. I love the composition- and all the textures and angles shapes that are going on within the image itself! Are those traps of some kind on the dock?

    I love silence, too. I don't like background music or the tv on just for company- my own thoughts (and the simultaneous conversations with my kids) keep my mind plenty busy!

  9. gorgeous, deb. i can't imagine the weather change after seeing your photo!!


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