Tuesday, April 26

texture tuesday~serendipity

after making some changes in the hue/saturation and levels of this photo, giving it the "stormy" look i wanted, i added two layers of kim's serendipity texture: one using the soft light blend at 57% and the other using the multiply blend at 100%. am i nuts taking a rare perfect sunny day on this island and turning it grey & stormy?

here it is before i made my changes

this week kim gave us a beautiful texture to work with, called serendipity. i suppose like most things, serendipity means different things to each of us. i think serendipity is when we return to our cabin on the bay for the summer. right after we get the windows thrown open for airing, get the dead spiders swept out of the tub, get the water running again, the beds made up, and can finally sit out front and relax, listening to...nothing. silence. no cars, talking, doors closing, engines running, clocks ticking. just the quiet of being far away from everything. well okay there is the drone of the no-see-ums buzzing around our bug nets...
 i've posted this photo from last summer before, but it's a fave of mine and i didn't get a chance to take any inspiring shots this past week. the halibut tails for the kicvb chocolate lover's fling and halibut tail art auction are due soon, and that's all i've been working on for days. i'm almost done. i'm pretty sure when i am finished and it is loaded in the car to deliver to the fine kicvb folks, i will be having another serendipity-ous moment...
until then, go visit all the other beautiful photography from around the world by clicking here!


  1. I just love the colors of that yarn! Do you spin and dye it yourself?
    I haven't had a chance yet to go through Kim's tutorials but I am hoping to this summer when things quiet down for me here. I love what you chose to do with the photo, I can feel the sun and a slight breeze! Have a great day...
    Tina xo

  2. Love that shot and the textures took it to a whole other level. Beautiful.

  3. You make going to your cabin sound like heaven! Looking forward to seeing summer photos from Alaska.

    I love the 'dark' photo. Lovely!

  4. Wow Alaska. Wow and your creative. I inherited my mothers knitting stuff but did'nt get the chance to learn from her. Please share when your done.

    Nice to meet you,

  5. gorgeous work!!
    so glad I found your blog - it is BEAUIFUL!!!

  6. Boy, each picture is a story in itself. I can't tell which one I like better, so I think I like them individually!

  7. I love the dramatic application of the texture!

  8. I really love your processing here!

  9. Very nice textures here, the yarn contrasted with the wooden deck and moss. I experience lots of moments of serendipity everyday when I stumble across things and people on the internet. Today I made it here. Thanks for the views, I enjoyed my visit!

  10. Absolutely beautiful Deb, even though it is stormy. Looks as if you had to drop everything and rush off, to miss the rain! Such beautiful atmosphere you have created with the textures - thanks for sharing!


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