Monday, April 18

texture tuesday time~

this week's challenge was to use two of kim's textures, sweet treat and silence. i used two layers of sweet treat, one on multiply at 50% and one on multiply at 100%. i also used two layers of silence, one on soft light at 100% and one on multiply at 100%.  i like the grainy, aged look it created, covering up the stains of age on memere's doily.

here's the photo au natural:

i know. it's like eating a bowl of plain shredded wheat while the person
across the table is having stuffed french toast from ihop.
give me texture.

i love texture tuesdays. i love textures. textures are like spa treatments for my less-than-professional, non-perfect, poorly-lit photos. thank you sweet kim klassen. really, if you are reading this and haven't yet checked out kim's site yet, click here for a visit. viewing her images are like a little vacation for your eyes. and click here to see what other folks are doing with kim's textures. it's a whole other vacation! and proof that spring is blooming somewhere...


  1. Hi Neighbor!
    Oh each piece is soooo lovely! When my daughter was in preschool, her teacher's hubby had gone on a trip to Alaska and brought each child back a piece. they were all so tickled. Recently, I found a shop on Etsy that makes the pieces into jewelry and they are not far from where my ancestors came from in Scotland. Love sea glass. thanks for your comment yesterday - I now think of Mr. Roger's singing "won't you be my neighbor"??! LOL!

  2. What a delightful image, the textures really made it special.

  3. Beautiful ~ Wonderful application of Kim's textures.

  4. love those colours - another texture fan

  5. What a beautiful bunch of sea glass. Love the thought of textures as a spa treatment for your photos! Your final image is lovely.


  6. Just beautiful! I loved your photo with and without texture! Very soothing to the eye... and mind.


  7. Lovely image, Deb -- very peaceful and soothing :)

  8. Hi Deb! Oh my goodness, that sea glass is gorgeous! It's really one of my weaknesses. It was so good to hear from you on my blog today, thank you so much for stopping by. I didn't know about the current swap, wish I would have gotten in on it though, who doesn't love a vintage brooch? I've been kind of out of the loop, but I'm happy to be back. Julie Mae is keeping me busy and very very happy. Your blog looks beautiful! Marcia


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