Thursday, February 3

an important safety notice for kodiak residents

this is my youngest son, cullan.
he turned 16 last weekend.
he is usually the quiet one of the family, not prone to public displays of emotion of any type. what's that he's holding, you ask? that would be his still-warm-from-the-laminator
alaska driver's license.
ergo, my public warning.

this is his vehicle, so you all have a visual.

if you live on the mainland, you should be safe for another couple years.

(all kidding aside, he has thus far proven to be a pretty consciencious and safe driver. i am again grateful for the "no passengers" provision. i'll post updates should he ever venture off the island )


  1. Congratulations Cullan! Well mom the good news is he can run errands for you now, Yay!
    Hope you guys are staying warm out there, it has been cold and snowy here but I still have hopes there will be an early Spring.
    Have a wonderful weekend and Cullan enjoy your new wheels!
    Tina xo

  2. I know your son must be over the people wait for these moments (parents not so much LOL altho it does have its advantages...must admit I missed the together time I had with my boys when I would drive them here and there...but the good news was they did all that running...balance...such a tricky thing)

    Great picture of your handsome and happy boy!

    Happy weekend to you and yours dear Deb!


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