Saturday, February 26

hot off the deck

yesterday i completed our last assignment for kim's skinny mini photoshop ecourse. i can't believe how much i've learned, she is a fantastic teacher. i can't wait to take her essentials course now.
in between snapping photos and manipulating them (gosh i love being manipulative) i managed to finish one project i can check off my list...
i found this funky little table/lamp unit a few weeks ago at a friend's yard sale for $2. i'm not much for wrought iron, but one can never have too many lamps in a house in alaska in the dead of winter...
(i just realized i'm showing my really ugly mud room to the world...great...)

i decided it would make the perfect "knitting at night" table. i spray painted the base "tomato soup", what a great name, huh? i stitched up a quick bag for the bottom to hold my numerous unfinished knitting projects...slapped some fabric scraps on an old lampshade, and popped a full spectrum bulb in it. after sanding down the table top i painted away, then gave it a few coats of sealer and put it all back together. it's bright & happy & keeps the boys out of my stuff. all for under $5. i'm feeling so frugal...


  1. this is just the cutest! I love the whimsical colors and design you used! I do not see any snow there in Alaska - perhaps you sent it here to Michigan? hee hee! Awesome art work and wonderful piece to have!

  2. What a great paint job Deb and that little table will be perfect for working at night!
    The lampshade looks so bright and cheerful and I love the basket underneath to hold your supplies! Great re-purpose!
    Tina xo

  3. I LOVE what you did with that old table, turning it into something so useful and so cute.


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