Thursday, February 4

octomom's got nothin' on this...

at the beginning of last summer i mentioned a very cool embellished art quilt round robin i am participating in. i think i showed a couple of the sections i had worked on. we are still all plugging away at each other's tops, understanding that life, families, etc. butt in on our creative bubbles all too often. but, we are getting there. i just finished my section on this beauty - i tell you what the last two ladies were tough acts to follow! this one gave me a bad case of coveting my neighbor's quilt top, but managed to pass it on down the line earlier this week. i was happy to be able to incorporate some rusty bits of stuff from the beach into this one. i can't wait to see it finished.

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  1. That is cool.. hope you will post it when it done too.


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