Saturday, February 20

"Breaking Sound" Altered CD art show

"Breaking Sound" sponsored by Emerald Isle Framing, the Rookery and Kodiak Island Brewery, invited artists to submit artwork incorporating CDs in some manner. the show opened last night and will be on display for a couple of weeks. it's been good to have something to work on during these dreary rainy days.
now it's time to start planning my next halibut tail for the KIVCB's 2nd annual halibut tail auction...........
"erzulie" and "papa legba" ~ collage & embossing on CD. these are haitian veve symbols~ erzulie represents the spirit of love, emotional healing & creativity. legba represents the spirit of the guardian of the crossroads, the provider of opportunity and remover of obstacles.
"shhhh" was made by bending a CD in half. the assemblage includes an awesome old plastic doll ear i found beachcombing one day. really! how cool is that find!
"beach diva" (i know, but i love urchins). i dyed a bit of raw silk, added vintage mother of pearl buttons, pearls and hand quilting, and stitched it and the backing piece over a CD.

this is my favorite, "time in a bottle" ~ remember that jim croce song? i papier mache'd over a CD for texture, painted it, added a chunk of hand made paper and aged copper screening. i played with a heat gun and an old credit card (someone told me if you melt them you don't have to pay off the balance....) and popped the bottle through the opening. all the little metal bits are found on local beaches. i just love how aged this ended up looking.


  1. Hi!!! Thanks so much for stopping by Blueskies-it is always a pleasure to meet someone new!
    Your blog is beautiful-so much to look at. I think my favorite c.d. is the time in the bottle one as well. And the sea glass necklace is to die for. I have sea glass put into my mantle around the fireplace! I have a favorite place to get it when I go visit my sister up north.
    Hope to see you again!

  2. Deb, I love them! Wow, are you talented. I need to start saving my CD's. I do save some, and then I get unispired and start to pitch them. No more! I teach art to children. How perfect. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Mermaid Debbie

  3. These are MAGICKAL! LOVE them! 'Specially those veve symbols! I have a whole bunch of CD cases that I'm intending to alter. Fun! xoxo Serena

  4. lynn richards (the first one to post a comment here) is a friend of mine!! AND anne lorys of fiona and twig is a VERY good newer friend that lives about 45 minutes away! how about that!!

    your ear - what a hoot - only you would use it in art. it looks great, too.
    and the bottom cd is so my style:)

    love ya, jan

  5. What a great CD recycler you are Deb
    These are each wonderful! I just happen to have a collection of neglected CD's that could use some arting up!
    Your sea urchin creation knocks my socks off, I {heart} sea urchins so much and the 'mandala' you created with your hand dyed silk = WOWEE, VERY inspiring!!!


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