Sunday, January 31

valentine's day is on it's way....

this is probably the holiday that makes me miss being an elementary school secretary the most... we in the office knew that it was a given there wouldn't be much work done on valentine's day. i loved the parade of gooey cupcakes and cookies, chocolate goodies, and all those tiny little valentine cards appearing on my desk. even better, all those sticky-fingered hugs. talk about on the job benefits!

i've been having fun working on my treats for my vintage valentine swap partner dolly. she's a real sweet person who likes just about everything, so i had limitless ideas. hopefully her valentine box gets to her safe & sound and on time.
here's a peak at one of the things i did - a little cupid shadow box from an old cut out card and a piece of vintage wallpaper i've had. amazing what a bit of glitter can do.

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  1. so pretty! I love valentines day. Oh heck.. I love every holiday!


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