Friday, April 3

well, Low Tide Lunch Date didn't make the CPS challenge.
i've allowed myself today, a lovely grey cold snraining day, to stay inside, pout, drink an extra pot of coffee and do nothing but look at everyone else's incredibly beautiful and inspiring blogs. as an added bonus, i am not cooking dinner, instead ordering pizza. and i believe a piping hot banya will cap off the evening. tommorow back to work on the halibut tail.
viewing all these wonderful blogs has made me realize two things. 1) i am not the only one in the country who sees things the way i do and 2) it is spring everywhere but this little island. what fun to see what other folks are doing with paper & glue, ribbons and glitter, and of course, the mermaid. i'm refreshed, and even if my version of a beach doesn't fit in with everyone else's version, it's still my beach, and i wouldn't trade it for anywhere else in the world. okay, maybe a caymen island beach, but only for a little while.
time to order the pizza. ;~)

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  1. Phooey on them! I liked it. Some of my favorite pieces and class proposals get rejected and sometimes pieces (or classes) I don't like as well are accepted. It is so dependent on the whims of the particular judge.

    Persevere and send it out to other venues!


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