Friday, April 17

the tail becomes clarice...

i can't even say how excited i am to be at this stage with my halibut tail. all the fretting over fabrics and seams is over, i know it is going to fit on the form, and now i can relax and have fun with her. the tail has become clarice over the past couple days. she's getting so lovely, she couldn't remain "the tail." i have been hoarding my precious pearls for a long time. i decided if any project deserves them, it is clarice.

for some reason a couple days ago a wild hair hit me telling me to stop everything and clean out my work room. i resisted as long as i could, knowing i need to finish this project...but the hair won and i was up until 4 a.m. wednesday night moving shelves on walls, dragging totes out and purging, hauling tables, dusting and scrubbing. too weird. but i got it done, and when i woke up yesterday morning and headed out to get my coffee, there was my spanking clean studio, all organized and ready for me to sit and sew on clarice with a clear head. funny how those wild hairs work. i got a whole new perspective on my project, and found my favorite missing xacto knife to boot.

as a really over the top bonus, the clouds parted and the sunshine appeared. it was so bright you could almost hear it. the dogs went nuts outside, and i sat in the porch swing for the first time in months. it was wonderful. my poor rhododendron is less than thrilled with the amount of snow it is still buried in, but i see tiny buds on it...

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  1. I love it when snippets of ideas and concepts all come together into a clear vision of where the path starts. I need your cleaning bug to clear space to think - too many piles and projects and clutter.


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