Saturday, April 25

clarice is finished!

the whole sparkley effect doesn't really show up for lack of sunshine, but this tail shrieks when the bright lights hit it. a friend tells me she is elegantly overstated.
the golden circle hook was too fun to make. i wonder if it would really work.
i love the pale back side, again the sparkles don't show, but they are there. this fabric turned out perfect for this. while dying it, i threw in some of thea's white socks & tank tops, so she's set too.

i finished clarice very late last night, everyone was asleep so i celebrated with duffy. this morning was overcast, but no wind or rain, so i decided to take photos of her down by oscar's dock for atmosphere (trying to make up for lack of photo skills.) it was a big risk, as the seagulls were out full force, but i had cullan along to warn me in case of know. just one close call so all was fine. and the whole time there were a couple of sea lions playing behind us, i'm sad they didn't show up in the photos, just their ripples.
so, i turned her in to KICVB right after. they will be displaying the tails at various businesses around town until may 16, when they will be auctioned off at the annual chocolate lover's fling. it will be fun to see them all.


  1. The tail turned out great. I really love the blue and purples in the fabric with the shimmering beads. Great job!

  2. Gorgeous colors - I would love to see her live in her natural setting with all of her sparkles

  3. WOW! I shouted WOW! when i opened this page--WOW! Clarice is FABU!!!!!

  4. Wow - this is something. Especially when you open up your browser and all you see is the water and the tail! Amazing! :)


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