Friday, July 15

a new point of interest~

if you create, craft, make jewelry, take pictures, draw, work with paper, paint, sew, or any combination of these things, i encourage you to join up with a wonderful new community of like-minded folk at artsee bloggers.

artsee bloggers is, in creator geri centonze's words, "a place of inspiration for the creatively inclined"
and she invites everyone to link up. she has built a spot where we can meet fellow artists, in an environment much more friendly than a techno-google search. i'm excited at having so many resources at my fingertips, and at the chance to meet other fabric-dyers or rusty junk lovers that i may never have met otherwise.

you can choose to be listed in up to three different categories, with thumbnails of your work and a link to your website. it's super easy, geri walks you through it step by step.  she has a lot of great ideas for the future of this site, i can't wait to watch it grow. go check it out!

on another note, we are packing up ready to head out to the bay for a few days. it's just gerry and myself for the first time in many many years as cullan has headed out to bristol bay to commercial fish with a family friend for a couple of weeks. sure hope we can remember how to talk just one-on-one...

and i have a confession to make. after all my praise for our beloved xtratuff's a few posts back...i have become a ship-jumper. a traitor. a turn-coat. or turn-boot. i couldn't help it. take a look at these and you'll see why:

can you stand it?? i couldn't. they feel sooo good. they are rated to 40 below, and have soft neoprene uppers with handles to pull them on!! yes! that was the clincher. i can have my new boots on quicker than you can say bob's yer uncle, and i can put them on standing up. need i point out how lovely they compliment my rain gear? this will definitely make the slop bucket duty a little more bearable.

have a wonderful weekend, where ever you are and whatever is on your feet!


  1. Teehee... I am wearing thick socks (bright aqua green - and they look like fur...) right now. And it's supposed to be SUMMER.... but I've had cold feet all my life (my dad says it's from thinking too much, the blood doesn't reach my feet 'cause my brain needs it)
    I'm glad you found 'arsee bloggers' too, we're collegues now overthere! (yep, I'm in there with little tumbnails... did you notice?!)
    Your boots look FAN.TAS.TIC!!! Enjoy, enjoy dear one!

  2. I could not have resisted those either! And thank you for the link to the community. I'd love to join (and will as soon as I get a few moments).

  3. Nothing better than a good pair of warm boots - and so stylish too! I love my Muck boots for that reason, not stylish, but oh so warm. Found you on Artsee...xox Corrine

  4. a 'turn boot' eh!
    too funny and I understand perfectly because your new boots are rockin it!

    Have fun one on one with your sweetie...the empty nest can be pretty nice when you get used to it ... and then they surprise you and come back home ;)

    nice write up about Geri C's artsee bloggers too...what an undertaking...she is quite something!


  5. AWESOME boots!! Oh yes, you HAD to have them. I totally agree! Wishing you a wonderful time in each other's company! I'm sure you'll find lots to share. Did you pack yer sketchbook and some writing/drawing implements? Have FUN!

  6. You could just paint your xtra tuffs, ya know. I love that I click on your block in my bookmarks then come across a reference to rain gear and boots, look at the side bar and feel that Alaska Airlines link. I'm over there on the other side of the gulf in Haines, waving hi!

  7. love your boots! where'd you get them? i need to get a pair, especially if they're good to 40 below.

  8. I have been wearing Xtratuf boots for years, as far back as when I was working on a charter fishing boat. I feel that I have seen thousands of pairs of Xtratuf boots, but yours by far take the cake! What a great way to spice up other wise normally dull boots!

    If you need a new canvas for your next project, checkout my site where you can buy all types of Xtratuf Boots


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