Saturday, July 9

happy birthday buggy!

today my little girl turned 23.
how in the heck can time go by so fast?

i'm sad that she's too far away for me to wake up with my awful singing.
or give a birthday hug.

so i'll just post a little birthday tribute for her here. i bet it gets me a phone call...

she's always tended to be a little crabby on her birthday.

too much emotional turmoil i think.
thea has always liked everything orderly and executed according to a plan
that no one ever knew about except thea...

and okay, yes, i admit she gets that from me.

in her defense, she has many other qualities that far surpass the moody birthday blues...

she has her future on a great track.
yup, she's right on the ball you might say

(she really is)

she's quite stylish when the situation calls for style

(no xtratuf's on that girl)

and she is fabulously talented

(i know! so awesome! all that and a college degree to boot!)
in all seriousness, her best qualities are that she knows who she is, and what her roots are.
she understands how important those roots can be in the big picture of what she will become.
i couldn't ask for anything more in my little girl.
she's not perfect, but she's good enough for me.

i just wish she wouldn't have so many birthdays so close together.

happy birthday thea rose!


  1. Happy, happy birthday Thea Rose!!! And wow, Deb... the people that touches my heart all seem to have given birth to 'July-children' (me, you, Patty 'magpie'...) is it something in the Universe that connects us?

  2. Many happy returns to Thea Rose! You have a beautiful daughter, and I love reading your thoughts about babies growing up and going out in the world. Your post is so wonderfully personal, yet (sadly for us moms) absolutely universal....

  3. wishing the birthday girl with the beautiful eyes a happy happy birthday and many more. you did good, debsea.

  4. What a lovely and touching post! I got all emotional reading it and looking at those wonderful photos. Now I'm all dewy eyed. What a lovely young woman, and very pretty, too. Happy Birthday, Thea! Blessings for a wonderful year ahead. And for you, as well, Deb! You're such a loving mother.

  5. Oh how I love these progressive photos of your daughter. Happy Birthday to her! Deb; this is a wonderful and meaningful post - beautiful! xxoo

  6. A very big birthday wish for your sweet girl Thea Rose! I would guess she gets her fabulous good looks from Mom?
    Have a wonderful day, both of you!
    Tina xo

  7. awwwww Happy Birthday Thea Rose! :) Where do the years go? You have a beautiful daughter! I have two handsome son's (ages 23 and 25) that are somewhat available! ;) Hope she had a wonderful day!

  8. Oh My Dear Deb you certainly did touch my heart (again) with this precious post ... shame on me for thinking exactly what Nancy mentioned too...I am not a match making kinda gal...our Colin just turned 23...
    your beautiful Thea Rose and he share the same birthdate AND he gets crabby on his special day too!!!
    imagine that!
    Precious tribute to your special girl!
    p.s. the pressure of having to have THE best birthday and THE best time can be trying! I get that ;)
    Hope you had a nice Birth day my friend!

  9. Oh mom, i'm sobbing at work because my internet at home doesn't work right now. greeaaaaaatt. I love you and miss you. Come visit me and we can go to art shows in Portland.

  10. you are not invisible we see you . we thank you . we celebrating you


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