Monday, January 17

what i did this summer...viewmaster style

i need to confess when it comes to downloading, editing, and generally trying to make my photos look better, i have a severe lack of patience. i thought a new camera would help me overcome this problem, but all it has done is enable me to take even more photos which then have to be dealt with. so i am trying this, a photo mosaic. which i think is probably really really cheating, but in what i hope will be viewed as creative cheating. i took hundreds of photos this summer. i'm looking at this as a summary. a dim sum of many beautiful days on ugak bay.
it was a great summer. alpenview lodge hosted clients from all over the globe. it was fun to meet such interesting folks, and watch them enjoying all our home has to offer. we had pretty good weather, with a few delayed switch outs, but for the most part everyone got to where they needed to be almost when they needed to be there. the fishing was great, with the halibut and rockfish covering nicely for the late silver run.
as always it was hard to leave and return to town. we really are looking forward to the time we can retire, and snuggle in to the cabin for good.
(i think you can click on the photos to enlarge them...if i did it correctly...)


  1. Deb, I love these photos!!! How gorgeous your surroundings are. (were) And your header photo is the best. Does the bear have a name?

  2. i gotta tell ya, i have missed you, girl!!
    after a rocky medically challenged 2010 i'm so glad to be doing better!
    I'm trying to get caught up on my blogs and that is such a chore.
    I need to go back and read your older posts but that will have to wait for another day - i'm wearin' myself out just catching up with the current blog posts! LOL

    love ya, jan

  3. Ooh La Laa
    Love your photos...great embiggened!
    trying to pick the best of hundreds can be'll just have to show us more...sorry hard not to be greedy to want to see more of your majestic surroundings!
    Great choice for your blog header and that sushirama pic makes me hungry!
    And the BEAR pics too!!!
    is that you peeking over the fancy flans?
    so glad you took the time to pick some shots for us to see...Alpenview looks like a perfect place!


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