Saturday, June 27

the latest project

i'm taking part in a round robin with 5 other local artists. we were all to draw a design on a fabric background measuring 144 total square inches, then divide it into six even portions. it then gets passed to the person under us on the list. we have 3 weeks to embellish one portion any way we like, then pass it on. we get to fill in the last portion of our own piece. we should be all done by xmas. this is more of a challenge than i thought it would be, but that's good. i know most of the gals, but not all, so sure hope everyone likes purple and green - ha. at any rate, i got pj's tree first, and needle felted & beaded her leaves. i'm looking forward to getting the next one now, and seeing what everyone else is doing. now on to finish my piece i'm working on for the majestic sea swap.


  1. WOW! What a cool project. I like what you've done so far.

  2. RR's are such a lot of fun, what a wonderful start!

  3. This look stunning already ! I really want to see your progress :D


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