Wednesday, June 24


since my last post i have done nothing but...refinish our deck. blick, what a job. the only creative part was choosing the colour of the stain. (the choices...clear, weathered cedar, old barn red, or dark brown. geez. i went out on a limb & chose old barn red.) after 2 days of pressure washing in full rain gear, it was ready for the weather sealer. only, it started raining. two days later it stopped, i swept it all off again and got all jazzed up to start rolling the stuff on. with the slick roller thing. sadly, we waited too long to do this, and the boards were so split and dry that the slick roller thing was useless, and i did the entire deck on my hands and knees with a stinkin' paintbrush. i alternated between painting, chasing the little white dog off the wet parts, and kicking myself for arguing to extend the deck the full length of the house when we rebuilt it...what was i thinking. eight hours after my final brush stroke a cloud splitting downpour started...i had visions of sticky tacky weather sealer having to be rubbed off with solvent...but then the sun came out, it all dried up, and it's perfect. the boys and i hauled the table, chairs, grill & cooler all back up and had the beer iced and the prime rib on just in time for dad to get home from work on father's day and enjoy the sun on the old barn red deck. it was a real norman rockwell moment. and now i can get back to my fun stuff. with a dog who is now half old barn red.


  1. I love me some julie she is a doll! Love the porch! that is crazy about the mail! omg I would go nuts with out my stupid order catalogs and junk mail! haha big hugs

  2. Wow, I am admiring you big time. I could have used your help here. You could have showed these guys how these things are done! I'm so glad it all worked out perfectly for you after all the hard work you put into it. It looks great!!!

  3. did you say "only" = BIG WOW on a job very well done, I know you must really be enjoying the fruits of your labor!


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