Tuesday, May 19

a sunny day for graduation

i haven't been doing a lot of artwork lately as we've been busy getting ready for devon's graduation from high school, and we did make a quick trip down to ugak. it was hot! and i don't get to say that very often! also dry. the boys got everything opened up, tuned up, and ready for summer. i aired out the lodge and de-spidered - ugh they are horrid and huge down there. the annual shedding of the shells has already occured and there is a continuous line of hollow perfect little crab shells down the beach. how do they get out of them like that? anyhow, now we're all set for summer, and can't wait for cullan to finish school so we can head back down.
devon graduated sunday, it was a beautiful sunny day and the speakers had mercy on all of us crammed into the auditorium and were blessedly short. yesterday i put him on a plane to anchorage to meet with his air force recruiter. he will finish his last paperwork, get his physical
and take his oath. when i pick him up tonight, he will be in the air force. as i sat boo hooing in my car after his plane took off i realized that, just like every other major event in his life, he was meeting this one full of confidence, with his goofy grin, and a giant scabby scraped left knee.

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