Thursday, May 7

i won bead soup!!! yee haw!

thank goodness we don't have close neighbors, because this morning when i discovered i was a winner of one of beverly gilbert's amazing bead soups, i did the happy dance in my pj's out on the deck. and to get to choose which one...over the top. i couldn't pick. i'm trusting ms. beverly for that. my family is notoriously non-celebratory. say the word birthday and all 4 heads get buried in the sand. so this is like the best mother's day ever for me. i encourage whomever may read this to check out beverly's blog & website. she is the zen master of colour and bead artistry.


  1. Ohhhh - I am so glad to have provided you with an excuse to dance in your PJ's!!!

    btw - Dan Essig is a master book binder and I highly recommend taking his classes. I actually took one last year and placed all things aquatic under mica - just as you visualized!


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