Tuesday, July 31


this is the second year of kat sloma's "Liberate Your Art" post card swap. this year there are over 200 folks participating from all over the world. (if you click on the button above it will bring you to the participant page so you can visit them all!)

i love seeing stuff in the mailbox when i open it. i also needed a prompt to get me in the creating mode again, so this swap came at the perfect time. i just liberated my post cards friday.

kat deserves a standing ovation for coordinating this huge project all on her own. can you imagine sorting, labeling, stamping and mailing over 1,000 postcards??? yikes. at least she gets to see them all. i look forward to the next few weeks, as five of the little beauties find there way to my mailbox.


  1. Hi Deb... just like you, I spend quite a lot of time on YOUR blog now - yes, I have been overly busy and distracted and did not visit many blogs last months... but here I am, glad to see you relaxing, creating, laughing and live life to the fullest... big hug!

  2. Hi Deb - I just got your postcard in the mail and LOVE it! The colors, the textures, the saying, everything. Thanks for being part of the swap. - Karen


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