Saturday, March 31

it's all about the pin~

i managed to resist it for months. scorned the very thought of the time wasted with it. felt so smug knowing i wasn't being lured in. then one morning something caught my eye on a blog i was visiting. i clicked to get a closer look and  BAM - just like that -  that fast, i was reeled in on a barbed hook and landed in a bucket of pinterest.

oh how far i've fallen. i had just managed to overcome the shakes of etsy addiction. i'm back to setting the timer on my stove so i have to physically remove myself from my computer. oh wait - now i have the dang pinterest app on my phone.
for pete's sake.

as if i didn't have enough ideas of my own banging around in my head, now i can add hundreds more in a matter of minutes. i've accumulated enough pins to build 17 dream houses, four just for duffy. 
i have, however, drawn the line on food. i will not pin photos of food. i pin enough food to myself as it is, i don't need to do it electronically.

at any rate, there are some amazing things out there. thanks to pinterest i recently found a fabulous artist i would invite you to go visit. her name is thespoena mclaughlin, her blog is here. i came across one of her dolls on pinterest at the same time the new "studios" magazine came out, and she is one of the featured artists this spring. wonderful mixed media pieces using found objects and my all-time favorite item - rusty bits.

thanks to pinterest, i haven't started any of the large and looming projects that are on my list for this winter. i have found all kinds of crafty things to do though. like this:

no more boring earbuds for me & my new phone
thanks to the nifty tutorial i found here.

all it took was a few skeins of embroidery thread and my
hands were kept busy while watching Hoarders four nights in a row...


fun, huh? there is the added bonus that the wires don't tangle anymore, i love that.

i also made a few of these:



what's so special about a little round pouch? look what goes inside!


so dang slick! all they take are four charm squares (or if you're like me,
some of your hoarded fabric scraps,) a 4" zipper and a bit of interfacing.


i followed the pin for these back to their originator, erin erickson.
her blog, and the tutorial for the earbud pouches can be found here.
go visit, she has a great site. lots of nice sewing.


finally, in honor of springtime
(the snow piles are shrinking slowly here)
i made a batch of these little clucks:

and several of these:


i firmly believe every home needs a hedgehog.
this one is a handy pincushion.
let me know if your home needs one too!

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  1. Oh wow - you're on a roll girl! Keep those fingers busy - I love it!


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