Saturday, March 26

beating the blogging blahs~

i've been in a crummy slump lately. i don't really know why, but i just haven't felt like doing a dang thing. not even cooking has been fun. (thank goodness for a freezer full of venison burger and boxes of hamburger helper at times like this...) (and nope, you won't be getting daily posts from me as i follow julia childs' cookbook...)
as i read blog posts from folks all over, it seems the joy of spring has hit in full force everywhere. i'm just not feeling it yet.
at this point i would be remiss in not taking notice of the plight of those in japan right now. long time kodiak residents can certainly relate to them, sans nuclear nightmare, having lived through similar tsunami devastation after the earthquake of 1964. i hope we all continue to pull together to help these people regain their homes, their lives.
whether i'm able to romp through cherry blossoms or not, it's time to get myself out of this rut. the whale fest art show is less than a week away *gasp*. as i type this, sitting right next to me staring in it's eyeless sort of way, is my naked halibut tail, ready to be turned into a work of art for the 3rd annual KIVCB halibut tail auction. it needs to be done...soon.
earlier this week i did manage to go through all my sweatshirt pockets and the ashtray (used only for beach finds) in my rav for the little baggies of sea glass i've been collecting with my pal duff on our morning walks on the beaches. i perked myself up enough to get a bunch drilled and fashioned into jewelry:
Note to local lurkers: (i know you are there) you can now purchase these and much much more at Emerald Isle Framing, 334 Shelikof St next to the brewery, open T-Sat from noon. 907-486-0884. if you are not local and interested in my sea glass jewelry, please email me!! i haven't been keeping up my etsy store, but am happy to work with you on a custom purchase.
yesterday i hit the spring cleaning. right down to throwing open all the windows and doors and scrubbing and waxing the floors on my hands and knees. i know, who does that anymore? i have to admit it felt pretty good going to bed last night knowing every surface in the house including the toilets and the top of the fridge had been slapped with a hot rag and bleach. and when i got up for coffee this morning i was touched by my pal duff's little love notes to me in the form of perfect little muddy paw prints across the kitchen...we had a chat about feet wiping and the meaning behind the phrase "tan your hide."
{and if you are reading this devon, happy 20th birthday. we miss you and love you.}

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  1. Hi there Dear Deb ~ so hard to find words for all of the distress and tragedy in the news...almost too much to take in sometimes!
    Your walks on the beach and beautiful sea glass creations have such a soft and warm beauty to them....take care my friend
    Brightest of Blessings to you and yours!


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