Thursday, December 17

how can this be????

after a very hectic day, i finally got around to looking at the pile of mail on the counter (at 11:30 pm). there was a letter from my boot camp son. this was in it:

needless to say, i got all teary-eyed and blubbery. can this be the same floppy goofey swimmer boy who walked across the tarmac and got on that plane just 8 1/2 weeks ago???

so many images have been flashing around in my head, things like how determined he was not to have training wheels. how mouthy he's been the last few months. his face when he'd look up at the scoreboard and see a PR time after a big swim.
all those little things have turned him into the man in that photo. well, those things and a healthy dose of airforce discipline i imagine...

geekers. kids are just full of surprises.


  1. What a gorgeous man! You must be so proud of him!

  2. You should be a proud mom!!!!! Let him know he is appreciated. Thanks for serving this great country of ours!

    also thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind words. Good luck in my giveaway!

  3. I get teary-eyed anytime I see a photo of one of our brave and dearest in uniform. Thank your precious son for serving our country. We take so much for granted and are able to do so ONLY because of the men and women who have so faithfully served us all. What a handsome young man to boot!


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