Thursday, July 23

ABAA's bird challenge~

rosie & linda of Rosie & Linda's Awfully Big Art Adventure put out a challenge for bird-themed art. i was mulling what to do when i heard chainsaws start up at the neighbor's. they are fairly new to the neighborhood, having moved in last year. within an hour and a half they had cut every single beautiful ancient moss covered old growth sitka spruce tree down (almost 2/3 of an acre). all the huge trees you can see behind our banya in my previous posts are now laying dead on the ground. it's just about the saddest thing ever, and changes not only their home, but the look and feel of ours as well. no fuitcake for them this xmas. even sadder, as the days have passed i keep finding tiny newly hatched baby birds on the ground...and am enduring the wrath of many families of homeless squirrels in the aftermath of what my kids are calling the sitka spruce chainsaw massacre. so, i made my bird themed art with a heavy heart. i created a little 2" copper wire cage, enclosed an egg in a soft nest, and locked it up safe & sound with a tiny key, until it hatching time.


  1. Oh that is SO sad! How could they get away with that? wonder you are upset.
    Well your challenge piece is wonderful - I love it! Such a sweet and precious idea - thank you so much for joining in and inspiring us.
    Linda x

  2. Oh - what a sad post. I hate cutting trees down, I just hate it. How awful. Still... when I opened your blog and saw your art - I gasped! I really, really love what you make! So beautiful.
    Sorry I haven't been around - been on vacation and haven't gotten much done. Trying to catch up, though! :) Sorry about the trees. :(

  3. No wonder you are upset - but how wonderful that you can translate that feeling into something beautiful. Love your tiny birdcage and the symbolism behind it even more. So glad that you took part in our challenge.
    Rosie ABAA

  4. You won't believe this, but the word verification text for the comment above was "dyings". Spooky .....

  5. What a lovely piece of art........such a shame it was inspired by such an act of vandalism.

  6. no fruitcake at Christmas....I know that would break my heart.

    what REALLY does break my heart is your neighbor's lack of respect for nature.
    I think you should just cut to the chase and start them on fire.

    thanks for visiting my blog and i'm so glad i can make you wet your pants, i think...
    i do love it when my readers let me know that i make them laugh. thank you!
    and thank you for being a faithful reader:)

    back to the crack house......there's art to create.

  7. oh, duh, i forgot to tell you that i absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your birdhouse. It's wonderful!!

  8. Oh - what a sad post.
    But what a lovely piece of art........
    Rini the netherlands for AABA

  9. What a precious little piece this is! How sad about the beautiful trees though, and all the little critters that were living in them. I can never understand it, when people do that! We once bought a house that had 2 gorgeous old Maples in between us and the house next door, the day we settled on that house the neighbor cut down those trees. It was heartbreaking, I know what you mean about it changing the feel of your home, you really miss them when their gone.

  10. So lovely to turn something painful into something special.....proof that "Art Heals"
    I'm very sorry about the trees and disruption of nature around you!

  11. Oh my gosh, why would they do such a thing? We had an awful time just finding a house to buy that had a tree in the yard. I can't imagine getting rid of them all like that. Why would they buy a house with a yard full of beautiful old trees if they didn't like the trees? How sad. I think they should have left the house for someone else to buy. I do love your tiny little bird cage, though. It's so sweet.

  12. Your birdcage is wonderful, heartfelt and poignant!
    I love it :-)
    I'm so sorry to hear about the trees next door and the animal habitat issues caused by the loss of them.
    Maybe they are going to plant some new trees?
    Here's hoping anyway.


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